Lake Iznik Has Turned Green, Entry Is Forbidden!

Due to the increase in cyanobacteria in Lake Iznik, entering the lake was temporarily banned. Explaining about the bacteria that dyes the lake green, experts emphasized that people should not enter the lake to swim.

In Bursa, it is temporarily prohibited to enter Iznik Lake.

Experts made statements about the bacteria that dyes Lake Iznik green.


Making a statement on social media, Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences Professor. Dr. Meric Albay said, “There has been a high level of Cyanobacteria increase in Iznik Lake for the last few days. As a precaution, as in many countries, it is necessary to restrict the use of the lake for swimming purposes,” he said.

Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences Faculty Member Reyhan Akcaalan said, “There is an excessive increase in cyanobacteria in Lake Iznik. This is especially the case in areas where people go swimming in the lake. Since the increase in this process can be toxic, it would be correct to put warnings not to enter the lake. On June 5, World Environment Day, Lake Iznik reminds us that we did something wrong”.

Following the statements of the experts, the Provincial Directorate of Public Health hung warning signs temporarily prohibiting swimming in Lake Iznik.

Professor. Dr. Meric Albay said, “For the first time in our country, a public beach was closed to swimming due to the intense increase in cyabacteria. Over 30 years of hard work has finally paid off. Even though there are still people swimming despite the sign, this problem will be solved with the increase of awareness.”


Cyanobacteria is a type of phytoplankton that is formed due to air temperatures and the increase in nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. Experts also point out that the overgrowth of cyanobacteria is an important problem that is increasing in frequency and threatening all water resources.

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  1. Can you please tell me if Iznik Lake is open for swimming? Are there hotels on the shore? Thank you.

    1. Hello, dear Lynne Ilbak.
      Lake Iznik is open for swimming. But it should not be forgotten that it is a soda lake. I can recommend only good swimmers to swim in this lake. I can say that there are places to stay around the lake. Thank you for your comment. Don’t forget to follow our website for our current content.

      1. Will the lake be opened for safe swimming (no cyanobacteria) second half of August. Can you please recommend good places for swimming? nThank you.

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