Koycegiz Public Hospital

Koycegiz Public Hospital

Köyceğiz is one of the 13 districts of Muğla. The history of Köyceğiz dates back to 3400 BC. The first civilization to exist in this region is Carians. Then, Scythians, Assyrians, Ionians, Dorians, Achaeans, Persians, Hellens, Seleykos, Romans, Seljuks, Menteşeoğulları and Ottomans dominated the region. Historian Herodot, geographer Strabon and British archaeologist Hoskin provide the first information about the history of Köyceğiz. In 2000 b.c, when the Greeks and Achaeans came to the Aegean shores by sea, new colonies were established on the coast and development was achieved with the colonies of the Carians in the interior. Thus, the district has reached a very good position in 1000 b.c. years. The city of Caunos, where Köyceğiz Lake joins the Mediterranean, has become one of the important ports and trade centers of Caria. Acropolis, famous shrines, and Harab and Susan castles are important historical artifacts. Koycegiz District is a quiet touristic town at the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions, at the 60th km of the Muğla-Fethiye Highway, in rich natural beauties and citrus gardens. The district is located in the north of Köyceğiz Lake, which is named after it, and has an area of 1.758 km².

The new modern hospital building of Köyceğiz Public Hospital was put into service in 2015 with a total of 30 beds, 6 single and 24 double.The license procedures for the 1st level, 4-bed General Intensive Care Unit at Köyceğiz Public Hospital have been completed and the patient has been admitted as of 02.10.2015. The hospital has General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Family Medicine, Anesthesia and Reanimation and Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics. In addition, 24-hour Emergency Service, imaging, laboratory and home health services are provided. In our operating room, surgeries are performed on Obstetrics and Gynecology service patients and general surgery patients. 4-bed Intensive Care Unit, Microbiology Laboratory and our fully equipped emergency service are prepared to serve.

Köyceğiz Public Hospital has always aimed to be the first and the pioneer with the health investments it has made since its opening. The hospital provides services in polyclinic and clinical treatment with the quality of our age. The aim of Köyceğiz Public Hospital is to raise this bar. Its efforts and investments continue for this.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Family Medicine,

Anesthesiology and Reanimation,

Pediatrics and Diseases,

Dentistry (General Dentistry),

General Surgery,

Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine),

Gynecology and Obstetrics


You can reach Köyceğiz Public Hospital by using bus lines.

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