It Will Snow In Istanbul!

While the weather is getting colder day by day throughout the country, citizens living in Istanbul, “When will the first snow fall in Istanbul?” He began to wonder about the answer to his question. Meteorological sources, which warn of snowfall and showers for many provinces in the weather report, predict the end of December for the date of the first snowfall in Istanbul.

As the temperatures started to decrease throughout Turkey in December, the latest report of the General Directorate of Meteorology issued a torrential and snowfall warning for many provinces.


With the cold weather, especially Istanbul residents were wondering when the first snow will fall in the megacity, the answer to the question came from Meteorology Specialist Adil Tek. Explaining how the new week will go, Tek said, “When will it snow in Istanbul?” also answered the question.


Noting that the rainy weather will disappear from the beginning of the week and there is a weak possibility of precipitation in Thrace and Istanbul for tomorrow, Tek said, “The temperatures will continue at this level. Istanbul will be 8 degrees in the daytime and 8 degrees in Istanbul at night. Lodos and fog will be effective. He said: “There is no possibility of snowfall in Turkey until the 20th. It will be mostly dry and cold. We should not expect long-term snowfall. We can say for sure. After the 20th of the month, cold weather will come,” he said.



In the report announced by Meteorology on Monday, December 5; It is predicted that the northern and inner parts of the country will be partly cloudy, the north of Marmara, the Central and Eastern Black Sea coasts, the north of Bursa and Balıkesir, the east of Canakkale, the coasts of Kastamonu and the surrounding parts will be very cloudy. It will be rainy around Sinop, Kars and Ardahan, and less cloudy in other parts. is being done. Precipitation is expected to be generally in the form of rain and showers, sleet and snow in the inner parts of the Eastern Black Sea Region and the highlands in the northeast of Eastern Anatolia. It is estimated that there will be some fog and haze in the morning and night hours in the south and east of the Marmara, as well as in the inner and eastern parts.

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