It Will Snow For 5 Days In Istanbul!

It Will Snow For 5 Days In Istanbul!

As the new year approached, snowfall alarms were issued for many cities, especially Istanbul, following the falling temperatures. While the temperature is expected to drop by 10-12 degrees in the metropolis, meteorological sources noted that as of December 18, snowfall is expected to be effective for 4-5 days.

With the cooling of the weather, millions of citizens, especially in the mega city of Istanbul, began to wonder when the first snow would fall.


The statement that pleases those waiting for snow, Climate Scientist Dr. from Afyon Kocatepe University. Okan came from Bozyurt. Stating that a new cold air wave will come from the north of Turkey after 18 December, Bozyurt made remarkable evaluations.


Bozyurt used the following statements; “We have always envisioned the winter of 2022-2023, including myself. It will be a very severe winter, it will snow a lot. Since we entered December, there is no trace of winter in December. On the contrary, the temperatures increased more. Of course, the winter of 2022-2023 is mild. This will pass. It doesn’t mean that.


Making important evaluations for the expected snowfall, Bozyurt made the following statements; “Air temperatures will decrease by 10-12 degrees on 18-19 December. We expect snowfall in places in the inner, eastern and northern parts of the country. In another statement, I said that I expect serious snowfall after December 20. There may be some deviations in nature, this is normal. That doesn’t mean these estimates are wrong.”


Climate expert Bozyurt said, “There is constant rain coming from behind. In addition to these precipitations, snowfalls are added to the precipitation from 18-19 December due to the decrease in air temperature. It will be effective for 4-5 days. It will be rainy, snowfall may be effective in the high parts of Istanbul. ” said.


Underlining the date when the real cold will come, Bozyurt said, “Then these rains will leave the country, but we expect a serious cold system after New Year’s. If you ask where the 2022-2023 winter will sign, it is in the middle. There will be a serious cooling between January 20 and February 10. “We will see snowfall and snowfall. These snowfalls will be effective both in the coastal areas and in the interior. There may be serious snowfalls, especially in Istanbul and its surroundings. Of course, these are predictions and changes. Sometimes our forecasts may not hold,” he said.

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