It Will Be 12 Degrees Colder In Istanbul!

It Will Be 12 Degrees Colder In Istanbul!

According to meteorological data, temperatures in Istanbul are expected to drop by 12 degrees next week, while snowfall is expected to be effective in late December or early January.

With the end of December, citizens living in various provinces of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, are wondering when the snowfall will be effective. Good news for those who love snowfall has come soon. According to meteorological data, air temperatures will drop by 12 degrees. According to experts, snowfall is expected in late December or early January.



According to the statement made by the General Directorate of Meteorology, it is estimated that Turkey will be affected by the cold air coming from the northwestern parts of the Black Sea region today. It is estimated that the wind will blow from the north and northeast directions in the west of the Marmara and Aegean today and tomorrow, and blow in the form of a short-term storm from time to time.
A date has been given for the big snowfall that Istanbulites are eagerly waiting for! The weather will suddenly turn cold by 12 degrees
With the cold weather, sleet and snowfall are expected in the high parts of the east of the Marmara, the inner and high parts of the Black Sea, the south and east of Central Anatolia and the high parts of the Mediterranean.


Since the snowfall is expected to be strong in Konya and Karaman surroundings and east of Antalya tomorrow, it was requested to be cautious against disruptions in transportation, especially on the Konya-Antalya highway. It is expected to increase again, starting from the northwestern parts.



At the same time, strong winds and short-term storms are expected from the north and northeast of Marmara, from the west of the Aegean, and from the northwest on the southern Aegean coasts today and tomorrow.


Weather Forecasting Specialist Orhan Şen said the following on the subject: “Turkey entered the winter weather, the winter weather started on December 20. Istanbul is very cold right now. One of the reasons for being cold is the high humidity. Although the temperature is 9 degrees, it is much lower. “Because there’s a bit of wind, the north wind makes the temperature feel lower, we’re feeling almost 4-5 degrees here.”


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