Istanbul Silivri Public Hospital

Istanbul Silivri Public Hospital

The building, whose foundation was laid in 1940 as the Special Administration Dispensary, was added to the hospital ward in 1960. It was completed in 1974 with the addition of a floor. In 1982, the transition from a 10-bed health center to a 50-bed Silivri State Hospital was completed. In 1989, with the help of the Ministry and the public, the two-storey additional building was put into service. The service started in 2009 in the new hospital building, whose construction started in 2007 by the Special Provincial Administration. The land area of the hospital, consisting of 3 blocks, is 13500 m², closed area is 16008 m², and the open car park area is 5400 m² (153 vehicles). In 2010, it merged with Selim Pasha Emergency Aid and Traumatology Hospital with the decision of the ministry. Selim Pasha additional service building was established on 25.000 m2 open and 7500m2 closed area

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Brain and Nerve Surgery,

Child Health and Diseases,

Dermatological and Venereal Diseases,

Infectious Diseases,

General Surgery,

Eye diseases,

Internal diseases,

Gynecology and Obstetrics,

Ear Nose Throat,


Orthopedics and Traumatology,



Physical therapy and rehabilitation,

Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis,


Anesthesia and Reanimation,

Psychology Polyclinic.


You can reach the hospital by taking bus from Beylikdüzü.

Hospital Website:

You can reach other hospitals in Turkey by this link: Hospitals in Turkey

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