Is The Video Of Killing A Dog With Shovel At An Animal Nursery For Real?

An officer at the Animal Rehabilitation Center in Konya killed a dog by hitting it with a shovel. Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced that an investigation has been launched regarding the images that have attracted reaction. Two people were detained as part of the investigation.

The images that allegedly killed a dog by hitting a dog with a shovel in the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stray Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center drew a reaction on social media.

In the statement made on the social media account of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that an investigation was started and the following statements were included:

“Initiating a disciplinary investigation against the Animal Health Branch Manager of the Environmental Protection and Control Department regarding the images, in this process, it was decided to apply a measure of suspension against the relevant branch manager, and a criminal complaint was filed with the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor about the termination of the employment contract of the workers involved in the incident.”


Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay said in a statement on his social media account, “We examined the incident that shocked us all in our Animal Rehabilitation Center at night, we suspended those responsible, we filed a criminal complaint and the suspects were detained. We will follow the process with all its aspects with sensitivity to the end.”


On the other hand, in a written statement made by the Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was stated that two suspects were detained within the scope of the investigation launched on the subject.

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  1. This is barbaric and inhumane. These
    Men are savages, I hope karma gets them and I hope it hurts.

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