Is It Possible to Drink Expired Beer?

What happens if we drink a beer past its expiration date (recommended consumption date)? Is it unhealthy to drink beer after the recommended expiration date? We all wonder about this from time to time. Here’s what we researched for you…

First of all, beer is perishable; After all, it is a product made from organic materials. During the packaging process of the product, the bottle/box will receive some oxygen and this oxygen will start to change the beer over time.


Beer will acquire new flavors through the oxidation process. (Good or bad; paper, caramel, vine, etc.) That’s why it’s important to keep the beer cold.

Usually It’s Okay If 2-3 Months Have Passed

The general opinion on beer past the recommended expiration date is that you don’t have to worry about 2-3 months. However, if you doubt the smell, taste, clarity and sound of the beer when you open it, do not drink it. And if you drink, you won’t die.


Problems such as throat irritation and gas in the stomach are the most common, but not always. In cases of excessive deterioration of beer (smell, taste, etc.), you can add abdominal pain and diarrhea to your list.


therefore, it is useful to check when purchasing products with a beer or tett date; There’s no reason to pay the same amount for an expired product or stress with your money.


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