Iranian Muhsin Shikari Was Executed This Morning!

Iranian Muhsin Shikari Was Executed This Morning!

A demonstrator named Muhsin Şikari, who participated in the ongoing protests in Iran after the murder of Mahsa Amini, was sentenced to death. It was stated that Shikari committed the crimes of “carrying weapons, blocking the road, stopping vehicles, violating security, clashing with militia forces (Besic), injuring security guards, spreading fear and waging war against the state”. terror” was executed this morning.

Mizan News Agency, affiliated with the Iranian Judiciary, announced that a demonstrator named Muhsin Shikari, who was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court, is on trial for threatening citizens with a cold weapon and injuring a security guard during the protests on Sattar Khan Street in Iran. Capital Tehran” was executed this morning in October.


The report states that the executed person was sentenced to death on 20 November for “carrying firearms, blocking the road, stopping vehicles, violating security, clashing with militia forces (Besic), wounding a security guard, declaring war on the state”. . It was noted that he was convicted and his sentence was later upheld by the Supreme Court.

Muhsin Shikari


In connection with the demonstrations that have been going on for about 3 months in the country, 11 people have been sentenced to death so far. Death sentences handed down by the Revolutionary Courts must be upheld by the Supreme Court. President of the Judiciary Gulam Hussein Muhsini Ejei said on December 6 that the sentences of some people sentenced to death have been upheld and they will be executed soon.

Muhsin Shikari


Iranian Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Cafer Montazeri said that while the “mandatory headscarf” protests that started after Mahsa Amini’s death in the country continue, they have also started working on the headscarf issue. Stating that the Iranian Parliament and the Supreme Council of the Revolution are working on the legal regulation regarding the headscarf and that the result will be announced soon, Montazeri said, “We will make a decision by adhering to the constitution. The work will be completed in 15 days.”

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