15,000 Protesters Sentenced to Death In Iran

15,000 Protesters Sentenced to Death In Iran

The decision that removed the world from Iran! The death penalty was upheld for about 15,000 protesters. The world is angry!

While the protests that started with the murder of Mahsa Amini by the morality police in Iran continued without slowing down, a decision was taken that received a great reaction from the parliament. Acting on the calls of Iranian parliamentarians to impose harsher punishments on the protesters, the Iranian Parliament approved the death penalty for approximately 15,000 people with 227 votes out of a total of 290 members.

The protests of Mahsa Amini, who died on September 16 in the hospital where she was taken into a coma after being detained in Iran on September 13 for not wearing a hijab in accordance with the rules, continue. While there were unprecedented levels of protests and public uprisings in the country, the Iranian police intervened harshly. While hundreds of people lost their lives with the blows or bullets of the police, thousands of people were detained.

Sentenced to Death


Iranian lawmakers have called for stricter punishments for protesters arrested in recent days. In a letter signed by 227 members of Iran’s Parliament, CNN demanded that the protesters be given harsh punishment “at once, with a good lesson”.


“The public is now demanding that the authorities deal with the protesters who are causing the disturbance in a firm, deterrent and legal manner,” said Massoud Setayeshi, spokesman for the Iranian government. According to Newsweek, the Iranian Parliament did just that and voted to impose the death penalty on all detained protesters as an “important lesson”. Out of a total of 290 members, 227 voted in favor of the penalty.

Sentenced to Death


On the other hand, it is not yet clear when the executions will take place. CNN reported that nearly 14,000 people were arrested in connection with last Thursday’s protests.

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  1. What an atrocity. It is hard to believe that in 2022 government condoned murder would be taking place.

  2. They are not rebels, they are protestors. You are not punishing rebels, you are murdering your citizens. Your citizens are calling for you to stop the murderers in the religious police. All you had to do was give the protestors a small taste of justice in punishing the villains who murdered the girl. But instead, the rulers of Iran will murder their own citizens because they are a foolish and corrupt regime.

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