Iranian Mohammad Moradi Committed Suicide in France! The Reason Shocked Everyone!

Iranian Mohammad Moradi Committed Suicide in France! The Reason Shocked Everyone!

Mohammad Moradi, an Iranian living in France, announced that the world remained silent about what happened in his country and that he ended his life to raise awareness on this issue. After the video he took, Moradi committed suicide by jumping into a lake in France.

The suicide of Iranian Mohammad Moradi, who lives in France, is talked about all over the world. While Iranian citizens continued their anti-regime actions, the suicide act of an Iranian citizen living in France fell like a bomb on the agenda. Mohammad Moradi, 38, committed suicide on the Rhône River in France to draw attention to the events in Iran.

Iranian Mohammad Moradi


Describing what happened in Iran and why he committed suicide by shooting a video before committing suicide, Moradi said, “Even though I live in a civilized country, I cannot close my eyes to what happened to Iranians, I would rather die. I hope that my country and its media will show interest in Iran after my death.” aforementioned.

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  1. You westerners do not care about us, the Iranian people. All you care about is how to ravage the oil and gas of Iran. Shame on you . Shame on Islamic republic of Iran for killing and raping and torturing Iranians

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