Inverted tulips bloomed in Sirnak

Inverted tulips bloomed in Sirnak

With the arrival of spring, inverted tulips, which can live only 20 days a year, bloomed.

In the Beytüşşebap and Uludere districts of Şırnak, with the arrival of spring, tulips with a life span of 20 days bloomed. The flowers, which can stay alive for 20 days in 12 months, created images like postcards. It is known that an administrative fine of 109 thousand 593 TL will be imposed for the crime of plucking the tulips upside down and destroying the biological diversity.

Inverted tulips


The endemic inverted tulip flower, which grows in the mountains of Beytüşşebap and Uludere districts of Şırnak, can live 20 days a year. The type of flower that waits for 12 months blooms with the warming of the weather Tulips that can last for 20 days are grown in Hakkari and Van regions.

Saying that the flowers have become the symbol of Şırnak, Yılmaz Gökçe said that no one picked them because those who plucked them were fined.

Inverted tulips

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