Intense Demand For Urban Transformation in Istanbul

Intense Demand For Urban Transformation in Istanbul

After the earthquakes, many citizens in Istanbul applied to IMM to learn about the status of their buildings. After the determination, risky building owners are offered the opportunity to renew through KIPTAS. So how many risky buildings are there in Istanbul and how does the transformation process work? KİPTAŞ General Manager answered NTV’s questions.

News: Özgür Yılmaz/NTV

After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay, the possible Istanbul earthquake is on the agenda again.

Istanbulites, who wanted to know the status of their buildings, panicked. It is stated that there are many applications to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Buildings are subjected to a quick scan test with an online application to the Istanbul Renewal Platform.

IMM also offers risky building owners the opportunity to renovate their buildings through KIPTAS. KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt answered NTV’s questions about the process.

Stating that the applications increased by 25 percent in a week, Kurt said, “There were 11,500 applications for the Istanbul Renovation project, which corresponds to 175 thousand risky buildings, the number of our people living here is 680 thousand.” aforementioned.

Noting that there are a total of 260 thousand buildings in Istanbul, 90 thousand of which are in need of urgent transformation and 170 thousand are heavily damaged, Kurt said:

“They say, let’s renovate our house with borrowed money. What are we doing? They apply to us through the system, we give prescriptions through the system. We determine the price. If KİPTAŞ requests a loan, we also borrow money. Equal interest – free installments.”


Kurt reminded that a two-thirds majority is required for the construction process to begin. Stating that they finalized the applications in a short time, Kurt said, “We give an invoice and if the citizen accepts, we carry out the demolition construction process in a very short time with the assurance of KİPTAŞ.” aforementioned.


Although everyone wants to renovate their houses, the excessive increase in construction costs is the most important obstacle to urban transformation.

No matter how much we cost, the increase in construction costs and long-term borrowings turn the citizens’ backs on them,” he said. Kurt continued:

“When we started this business, its square meter was 2 thousand liras. Currently, the average square meter cost in Istanbul has increased to 14 thousand liras. In other words, the cost of 100 square meters of housing in Istanbul is 1 million liras. 400 thousand liras.”

Urban Transformation

Intense Demand For Urban Transformation in Istanbul


KİPTAŞ General Manager stated that there is an urgent need for a regulation that reduces costs. Expressing that this will accelerate the transformation process, Kurt said:

“Let the state come and do it for free, not charge us a fee, but our citizens agree to do this by borrowing. We have to offer our citizens a suitable payment plan and the organization of this work. Do not bring the contractor and the citizen together in ‘Istanbul Renovation’.


KİPTAŞ, which also provides rental support to the owners during the construction phase, started the transformation of the buildings not only on the site scale but also on the neighborhood basis. Kurt, who also made evaluations on the subject, said, “For example, this project is the first project we entered into the neighborhood. We also aspired to the neighborhoods with this project. In this project, we demolish 12 apartments for a while. We even build 16 apartments, we finance this project with the income of 4 apartments.”

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