Iranian Tourist Deceived by Iranian Shop Owner in Istanbul!

Coming from Iran to Istanbul for a touristic trip, M.A. When he was in need of cash, he wanted to get money out of his credit card and went to his fellow Iranian national, S.K., who had a shop in Istanbul. Saying that there is a pos machine belonging to Iran in his shop, S.K. He also withdrew 50 thousand TL worth of Iranian money from his Iranian credit card. S.K. Since there was a call record and the bank blocked in Iran, the bank confiscated the money worth 50 thousand TL. Upon this, M.A., who asked for his money and received a refusal from the shopkeeper S.K. filed a criminal complaint. Acting on the incident, B Region Trust Teams caught the suspect S.K.

The incident took place in Beyoglu Taksim Square. Allegedly, Iranian national M.A. He came to Istanbul to visit. Traveling for a few days, M.A. When he ran out of money, he wanted to withdraw money from his credit card. M.A., who could not withdraw any money due to the fact that his credit card belongs to Iran. He explained the situation to S.K., an Iranian national who has a shop in Istanbul. S.K. told M.A. that he had an Iranian post machine in his shop and that he could withdraw Iranian money and give TL to M.A. On top of that, S.K. and M.A. He went to the shop and made a withdrawal.

Iran Bank Seizes Money

Due to S.K.’s call record in Iran and the blocking of Iranian banks, the bank confiscated the withdrawn money. M.A. When he learned that the bank had confiscated his money, he asked S.K. for his money. S.K. He said he didn’t have any money and he couldn’t give the money. Thereupon, M.A and his friends filed a criminal complaint against S.K.

Trust Teams Caught Suspect

Acting on this, the police teams affiliated to the Trust Teams Branch Directorate B Regional Teams Headquarters caught the suspect in Taksim Square. Receiving the suspect, the police took him to the B Regional Chief of the Trust Teams Branch to take the necessary action.

On the other hand, during the interrogation, it was revealed that S.K. had a record of many crimes and had an arrest warrant.

Saying that he was defrauded, M.A. “I gave 100 thousand TL in money. I gave it in the shop. This gave Iranian money. I gave it TL,” he said.

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