Inegol Public Hospital

Inegol Public Hospital

İnegöl Public hospital catches up with the times, keeps up with the developments of the time, continues its activities by adhering to the universal principles of science; but at the same time it continues on its way as an institution that protects its tradition. It has also been the pioneer of many projects that have been or will be implemented in the city, region and country. İnegöl Public Hospital, founded in 1906 as Memleket Hospital; A new hospital has emerged with the Baby-Friendly Hospital, Mother-Friendly Hospital Titles, 45 Palliative Care, 32 Adult Intensive Care beds, the most comfortable Dialysis Unit in the region and the Emergency Service, which also serves approximately 1500 patients day and night to the east of the region.

The vision of the hospital that allows the positive interaction of service providers and service receivers, has a governance mentality rather than management, where stakeholders at every level of the hierarchical chain can easily share their criticism, opinions and suggestions, and these suggestions are implemented, a professional and friendly service understanding with a constantly developing modern team spirit to ensure that the corporate culture it dominates is permanent. Also, the hospital aims to ensure that the service quality is continuously improved and measurably developed, to display a global lean perspective on hospitals and services with the lean hospital philosophy. Another vision of İnegöl Public Hospital is to be a reference and brand hospital at the national and international level with the service quality and physical structure it offers with the “Concept Hospital Model”, which it defends, meets all the qualified health needs in its region, including Iznik, Yenişehir and Domaniç districts, fully meets international standards with its service delivery and physiotechnological infrastructure.

The mission of İnegöl Public Hospital is to provide a health service that is respectful to patients and their rights, adhered to ethical rules, reliable, easily accessible to those who need it at national and international level, by bringing together our high-level technological infrastructure and our expert human power.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Anesthesia and Reanimation,

Brain and Nerve Surgery,

Pediatric Health and Diseases,

Internal Medicine,

Family Medicine,

Child Health and Diseases,


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,

General Surgery,

Chest Diseases,

Eye Diseases,

Gynecology and Obstetrics,


Ear Nose Throat diseases – ENT,

Neurology (Brain and Nerve Diseases),

Orthopedics and Traumatology,





There are two different ways that you can use to reach the hospital.

You can reach İnegöl Public Hospital by using 14/N, 8/L, B/40,  B/40-A, B/46, B/7.

You can also use metro to reach İnegöl Public Hospital.

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