If you have difficulties to get used to Turkish cuisine, these advices are just for you

Turkish cuisine is the one of among significant cuisines in the world with its rooted history and its flavours that appeals to every taste buds. There are so many varieties in Turkish cuisine like appetizers, entree starters, snacks, main course and desserts.

When people go to a new country, it can take time to get used to the dishes. Turkey is in the passageway, so it has so many different types of cultures in it thanks to its geographic position. Turkish cuisine culture offers variety and it combines East cuisine and West cuisine.

The country that has the richest and rooted cuisine culture: Turkey

Turkey spreads on a large area and there are cultural differences in each region. That changes eating and drinking habit. Each region has its own cuisine culture. These cultures take shape according to economic resource and wideness of product. For example, fish dishes culture improves quietly in Black Sea region when meat dishes are favorite in East.

It is crucial to state that Turkish cuisine culture is composed of dishes that appeals to every taste buds. But still, it may be diffucult to get used to it for foreigners who come to Turkey recently.Instead of traditional dishes, mild dishes ,which are in compliance with the world cuisines, should be preferred firstly to get used to Turkish cuisine.

Traditional flavours and cooking styles make delicious tastes

If we give an example from Black Sea cuisine, Black Sea cuisine contains flavours based on fish , generally, anchovy. Anchovy is a delicious, filling and healthy nutritional source. People from Black Sea cook and eat every type of anchovy. To prepare the fish in a simple way accelerates the process of adaptation period for foreigners who meet with anchovy for the first time. It should be cooked in the shape of stew over or frying instead of pilaf with anchovy or anchovy pie that are special to Black Sea cuisine.

It means that your first choice should be Turkish dishes which is simple and appeal to every taste buds. Then you can try to dishes which is made with different technics. So, you can meet with different flavours and you can accelerate the process of adaptation.

Meat and meat products are the most consumed foods in Turkey

When it is said “şiş kebab”, Turkey is came to minds. Şiş kebabs, which is the most known on the world, can be prepared in many different ways. If you love to eat meat and you do not differentiate any meat from meat of sheep to meat of calf, you will have no trouble about getting used to types of Turkish kebabs. Still, it is proper to begin with simple kebabs. After that, hot kebabs, kebabs with vegetable and kebabs that is prepared in many different ways can be tried.

Desserts also have a significane place in Turkish cuisine culture. Desserts are preferred after main course, and they prepared in many different ways. They are seperated into groups as desserts with leaven, desserts with sherbet and milky puddings. If you are not good with desserts, it is better to begin with milky puddings. Desserts are heavy in respect of calori except from milky desserts. So, it will be better not to consume too much.

You will get used to Turkish desserts thanks to their delicious tastes wheter you want or not

When Turkish people eat something, they surely drink something at the same time. These drinks can change according to types of dishes butayran, şalgam, tea, cola and soda water are the main drinks. You can add different flavours to your dishes by preferring these drinks that is digestive and increase the taste.

There are many restaurants in Turkey. In these restaurants, you can find nearly all the flavours from world cuisine except from traditional flavours. It is important eating and drinking cultures according to Islamic in addition to health, taste buds and flavours in Turkish cuisine culture. Especially in meat and meat products, all details are made according to Islamic rules.

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