İbrahim Tatlıses Marked His Daughter’s Wedding!

İbrahim Tatlıses, who did not leave his daughter alone at the ceremony where Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses sat at the wedding table with Levent Dörter, made everyone laugh when her daughter said ‘yes’ and shouted ‘no’ during the wedding ceremony. understands.

Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses, the daughter of İbrahim Tatlıses, nicknamed the Emperor, who became a singer by following her steps, married her colleague Levent Dörter, whom she has been with for 8 years, last night. Baba Tatlıses’ reaction to the wedding held in a luxury hotel in Istanbul drew attention.

İbrahim Tatlıses

İBRAHİM TATLISES shouted “NO” to the wedding

Tan Taşçı, Erhan Bayrak and Polat Yağcı witnessed the wedding of the couple, which was held by Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin. Tatlıses, who did not leave his daughter, whom he met years later, alone on her happiest day, asked the wedding officer Dilan Çıtak, “Do you accept her as a wife?” she asked. He intervened on the question. İbrahim Tatlıses, who suddenly shouted “No”, made everyone laugh with his reaction. Dilan Çıtak laughed and immediately replied ‘Yes’.

İbrahim Tatlıses


Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses’ brother İdo Tatlıses and Yasemin Şefkatli, whom he married last year, also attended the ceremony. In addition to family members, famous names such as Oktay Kaynarca, Demet Akalın, Tan Taşçı, Berkay, Baha, İdo, Fatih Ürek did not leave the couple alone. Some famous names took the stage and sang their songs.

İbrahim Tatlıses

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