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How to Save Money Renting a House in Istanbul as a Foreigner?

How to Save Money Renting a House in Istanbul as a Foreigner?

Rents in Istanbul have increased considerably recently. Foreigners moving to Turkey prefer to live in Istanbul for many reasons such as job opportunities, social opportunities, historical texture and transportation facilities. When we go somewhere to live, we first need to rent a house. Rising rents negatively affect many foreigners in this regard. In this article, we will understand how to save money when renting a house in Istanbul for foreigners.

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Avoid Real Estate Brokers as Much as Possible

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for a house to rent is to visit a real estate office and browse the houses waiting to be rented. However, for the houses we rent through real estate offices, we have to pay a commission as much as the rental price to the real estate consultants who are in the intermediary position. For example, the rental price of the apartment we will rent is 10 thousand Turkish Liras. In this case, we need to pay 10 thousand Turkish Liras to the real estate consultant for this apartment to be rented through the real estate agent. If you do not want to pay real estate commission, you should choose the house to be rented directly among the apartments rented by the landlord.

Know Your Legal Rights and Use Them When Necessary

In general, the law in Turkey favors tenants and defends their rights. Therefore, knowing your legal rights and using them when necessary will make your job easier. When renting a house, landlords have the right to demand a deposit for the rented property. However, the deposit cannot exceed 30% of the 1-year rent of the property. Also, the deposit cannot be more than 3 months’ rent. If your landlord asks for a deposit more than the amount we have just mentioned for the apartment you will rent in Istanbul, you do not have to pay it.

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Location Preference to Save Money When Renting an Apartment in Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. You can find many opportunities together. Each district is as developed as separate provinces. You can easily find everything you are looking for in all districts. Of course, it is possible to experience some transportation difficulties due to being a crowded and big city. But since you can find the things you need around where you live, you will not need to go far from your home. When renting a house, you need to be wise in determining the location of your home. Otherwise, most of your time will be spent in traffic. In addition, house rents may vary depending on the location you choose. In order to save money when renting a house in Istanbul, it makes your job easier if the location you choose is a little far from the central parts of Istanbul.
Factors such as having fast public transportation networks near the house, having large university campuses, being close to entertainment and shopping centers can increase house rents. In this case, you can choose locations that are not too close to such places to save money on rent.

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What Should You Pay Attention to When Meeting Your Landlord for the First Time?

After finding the house you will rent, you contacted the landlord and go to the address to see the house. You will also meet your landlord. Paying attention to your clothing and speech will give the other party confidence. Landlords want their tenants to be reliable and meticulous people. Try to reassure your landlord with your clothing and speech. After gaining his trust, you may want to compromise on rent. You can politely ask for a reduction in the rent requested. Providing information about your monthly income and occupation will leave a favorable impression for the landlord. In addition, if you want to save money on rent, you can make a contract and offer to pay 1 year’s rent in advance for a certain discount.

What are your difficulties in renting a house in Istanbul? What are your recommendations for foreigners who will rent a house in Istanbul? You can share it with us in the comments section.

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  1. Istanbul is a bonkers but fabulous city to call home! It’s HUGE and can take some time to work out which neighbourhood is right for you. A good idea is to stay your first week or two in a short-stay furnished apartment rental such as Istanbul Place Apartments in Galata – central and close to Metro and tram stops for exploring other areas. Do research carefully as there are big differences in the feel of neighbourhoods which might not be immediately obvious – logistics are important but so much else is too.

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