How to Rent a Car in Turkey by Foreigners?

Every year, millions of foreign tourists visit Turkey for different purposes. Many of them visit for summer tourism, many of them visit for education purposes and some of them visit for business. So, travelling concept is very important for foreigners who want to go from one city to another in Turkey. Of course, there are many different transportation alternatives between cities of Turkey like airplane, high-speeed train, buses and cars. At the last years, the concept of rent a car became so widespread in Turkey. Today, you can prefer car rental in all provinces of Turkey and all airports. Thanks to the some mobile applications and websites, it’s possible to find a special and affordable price while renting a car.

Like Turkish citizens, it’s possible to rent a car by foreigners easily in Turkey. However, there are some procedures that people with a foreign driver’s license must follow in order to rent a car. They should pay attention to these procedures and pay attention to the content of the contract they signed. Another important point to know is that regardless of the nationality of the person, the language of the contract must be English, which is an international language.

Things to Consider for Car Rental

  • The language of the contract in which the rental is made is English,
  • The foreigner who will rent a car must be 21 years old,
  • If A, B, F group vehicle is to be rented, you should have driver’s license for at least 1 year,
  • In your passport, there must be an entry stamp of the time you entered Turkey,
  • For payment and deposit transactions, you must have at least one credit card valid in Turkey.

You should complete all of the required procedures and read everything on the rental contract while completing your documents. If you have any question about your car rental process, you should ask your questions to your company where you want to rent a car in Turkey.

The Validity of Your Driving License in Turkey

As you know, you should have a valid driver license to drive in Turkey legally. Foreign nationals can drive in Turkey with their own driver license for maximum of 6 months. People who will stay in Turkey for more than 6 months must have a driver license issued by the Republic of Turkey at the end of this period.

Car rental companies and insurance companies may also have additional legal demands. While some car rental companies accept driver’s licenses issued in English, some companies accept driver’s licenses issued in certain countries. Before traveling to Turkey, it would be more appropriate to research and get information about the way the car is to be rented by the company.

Where can I Rent a Car?

In Turkey, you will find many international and local car rental companies in almost all cities. Especially, you will have an opportunity to find these companies in city centers, train stations, bus terminals and airports. You should read your contract carefully and choose your car that is appropriate for your travel requirements. On the other hand, it’s possible to list and complete your car rental online with website or mobile application in Turkey. You can find many important mobile applications and websites where you can list and compare all available rental cars for your location easily.

What are the Advantages of Renting a Car in Turkey?

Of course, you will find direct flights and bus lines from bigger cities in Turkey everyday. But, if you want to travel freely and visit specific districts and places of the country, you will need a rental car. Because, it’s hard to find local buses every time in small cities of Turkey. So, it may be very useful to drive a rental car to discover hidden paradises of Turkey easily for you.

If you have any questions about the concept of rent a car by foreigners in Turkey, you can ask them in the comments section.


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