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You can switch to e-invoice whether you are an individual or a capital company. Moreover, unlike the known, there is no turnover and invoice quota for the voluntary transition to the e-invoice. For this reason, any company can be an e-invoice user. Companies with a turnover of more than 10 million TL are required to use e-invoices.

An enterprise that is big or small, even newly established and has never cut an invoice can use e-invoices. When you want to send and receive invoices quickly and easily, you can switch to e-invoice, just follow the instructions you will read soon. The Revenue Administration (GİB) wants you to receive a financial seal from the GİB if you want to use e-invoices. So the first thing you need to do to switch to the e-invoice is to get a financial seal. In order to receive a financial seal, you should apply to the GİB and order a financial seal by paying the fee. As soon as you apply for a financial seal, you say to the GİB, “I want to switch to e-invoice.” GİB also sends your financial seal to you in a few days after your order. As for your financial seal, you are now a company authorized to issue electronic invoices. Now all you need to do is find an e-invoice service provider and start using e-invoice. As a final word, it’s too easy to have an e-invoice in Turkey with the developing conditions of modern technology.

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