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How to Disappear WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

How to Disappear WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

How to save WhatsApp lost messages? Here’s what you need to implement to use the Keep in Chat feature in the popular messaging app!

With the Keep in Chat feature, it has become possible to recover lost messages on WhatsApp. In the guide we prepared, we explained which steps should be followed in order to record timed messages.

Timed Messages, also known as Disappearing Messages, ensures that messages sent through the instant messaging application are automatically deleted after a while. A function called Keep in Chat has been added to the feature used by people who do not want the messages to be permanently included in the chat.

The Keep in Chat feature allows messages to be saved in chats while Scheduled Messages is active. So, what needs to be done to record messages in the popular instant messaging application?

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

How to Use WhatsApp to Save Disappearing Messages?

  • Open the application.
  • View the chat in which Scheduled Messages is open.
  • Press and hold a message.
  • Tap the save icon at the top of the screen.

To save messages on the instant messaging platform preferred by millions, first open WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. You will be greeted with an interface with chat windows.

Display the chat window when Scheduled Messages is active. Press and hold the message you want to save in the next step for a while. When you do, several options will appear at the top of the screen.

Tap the save icon next to the trash icon. If you follow this step, you will lose a message sent using the Disappearing Messages feature.

It should be noted that when you save the message, a notification will be sent to the other party. The sender of the message also has the right to veto the request to lose the message. If the user decides that other people cannot save the message, no one can save the messages anymore.

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