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How to Disable and Hide WhatsApp Online?

WhatsApp, the most used social media platform in the world, draws attention with its online hiding feature. In WhatsApp, which has been updated recently, especially known, preference usage varies from person to person. One of them is online and offline status. Whatsapp is online, that is, those who want to remove the last seen status are doing research on the subject. So how is WhatsApp online hiding? How to appear offline on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is one of the most used platforms in digitalizing technology. Being seen online on WhatsApp, where we can communicate faster with an internet connection, is not preferred by some citizens. When a person is online, it means that their device has WhatsApp open in the foreground and is connected to the Internet. This does not mean that the person has read your message. You can adjust your offline status from the phone’s settings. So how to hide WhatsApp online? To make it appear offline on WhatsApp…


Whatsapp, which is frequently used by social media users, is the most popular messaging network in the world. Many features come to the fore in the application, where you can talk unlimitedly with the people in your contacts with an internet connection. One of them is WhatsApp online hiding application. To hide WhatsApp online you need to enter the settings menu.

Here is the step-by-step process of hiding whatsapp online…

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen.
  • Then, if my contacts are selected from here, all your contacts can see whether you are online or not.
  • Prefer the one that writes nobody instead here.
  • In this way, you turn off the online feature.


Whatsapp, which is used by almost everyone today, is a messaging and calling application developed for smartphones. Wherever you are in the world, if you have an internet connection, you can make photos, videos, documents, video calls via Whatsapp. The ability to appear offline in Whatsapp is one of the features added later.


Follow Settings > Privacy > Last Seen on your WhatsApp one after the other.

Then a page will open with three different options.

These options are;

My Contacts: When this option is activated, your online status is shared with all the people in your list.

Share with my contacts except: When this option is activated, the online status is shared with people other than the people you include in the list.

Share only with the following people: When this option is activated, only certain people can view your online status.

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