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How to Color Hair at Home? Life-Saving Tips for Beginners!

Especially with the closures in the covid-19 pandemic, we started to do many things at home. Some of these are hair care, dyeing and cutting. We are here to help those who want to dye their hair at home, whether for cost reasons or to acquire new hobbies. We have answered for you whatever you wonder about hair dyeing at home.

Hair coloring supplies at home

  • Box Paint
  • Brush and paint bowl
  • Make-up removal wipes
  • Disposable shower cap
  • Disposable gloves
  • Old t-shirt
  • Towel
  • Moisturising cream

What preparations should you make before dyeing hair at home?

  • Prepare yourself a space. Being in front of the mirror will make your job easier.
  • Be sure to mix well when preparing your paint.
  • Paint with an old t-shirt in case you get paint drips.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to take off.
  • Apply cream or lipbalm to your forehead and ears to protect your skin from dye.
  • Keep a spare hand mirror with you so you can see the back of your hair.

What should be considered when dyeing hair at home?

Don’t be intimidated by dyeing your hair at home. Because when you have knowledge about hair dyeing techniques at home, you will not have to hesitate while doing this process. With the right tricks, you can refresh your dye without damaging your hair.

Don’t be fooled by the model on the paint can!

Of course, you prefer the color on the box close to your hair color, but remember that the color will always be lighter than the color you bought. You can look at the tonal transitions next to the boxes to be sure.
Of course, this rule applies to similar tones. If your hair is dark brown and you want to make a light color, of course, your hair must go through a few processes.

Be sure to buy 2 cans of paint!

If your hair is shoulder-length or slightly above your shoulders, one can of dye will not be enough. Also be sure to use a glass or plastic to mix the paints. If the can you will use is metal, it will cause the paint to oxidize and change the color. In addition, if there are spray containers in the paint, it is useful to use a flat plastic container instead of them, it can be difficult to ensure that the paint mixes well in the cans that come out of the paint.


Especially if you are going to make big changes in your hair color, such as lightening black, dyeing your dark hair orange or red, etc., test it on a small strand first, and do not apply it to your entire hair before you see the results.

Pay attention to your hair type

Thick, curly or wavy hair absorbs color faster and becomes cooler-toned when you dye it, so it looks darker. Fine to medium strands don’t absorb color easily, and when you add dye, it becomes a slightly warmer tone, meaning it can give orange, red, or copper undertones. So this means; if your hair is curly and thick, a slightly lighter color than your natural hair color; If your hair is fine and straight, you can take care to choose cooler tones that are slightly darker than your natural color.

How to dye hair at home in 6 steps?

Step 1:

After completing your preparations, go in front of the mirror and divide your hair into several equal parts. We assume that you control the color by trying the dye you bought here on one strand of your hair.

Step 2:

Start dyeing your hair from the roots. If you are going to dye the bottom, separate your hair with the back of a fine comb and proceed by dyeing only the bottoms. If you are going to dye the entire hair, you must use a brush. Start from the bottom and move forward by rubbing the brush towards the ends.

Step 3:

Continue the same process by moving to the right or left, throwing the strand you have painted aside.

Step 4:

After finishing the front, paint the back in the same way, starting from the bottom first. After dyeing all your hair, if possible, you can comb it so that the dye reaches all hair strands homogeneously. If your hair is very tangled, make sure that the dye reaches the ends of your hair by massaging the roots with your hands using gloves.

Step 5:

Put a cap on your hair and wait according to the waiting time written on the paint can.

Step 6:

After waiting, clean your hair thoroughly with the shampoo and conditioner that comes out of the dye. After the shower, make sure to apply a conditioning oil to your hair.

How many hours should the dye stay on the hair when dyeing hair at home?

The recommended time to get the desired efficiency from the hair dye and to set the color is usually between 30-40 minutes. However, the time may vary depending on the paint color. Therefore, you can wait for the time recommended in the instructions for use on the back of the paint you use.

Can the hair be dyed without bleaching?

One of the most important issues is whether you need to open your hair when dyeing hair at home. If you have not dyed your hair before and the color you choose is darker than your own hair color, you can dye your hair without bleaching it. But if you have made a very sharp decision to switch from black hair color to platinum blonde, it is very important to get help from a professional for this. It is recommended that you do not do it yourself at home, as the bleaching process can damage the hair.

Life Saving Bonuses

  • Color your hair when it’s dry. Although dyeing your hair while wet is actually recommended by most experts because the colors are evenly distributed, you may cause the color you choose not to spread evenly because the hair is too moist.
  • You can use a toothbrush when painting the bottoms.
  • Clean up any contaminated paint immediately.
  • Put on a shower cap while you wait.
  • When washing your hair after dyeing, be sure to use the conditioner from the dye box.

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