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How to Clean a Smartwatch?

Do you know how to clean your smartwatches? Here is how to clean a smartwatch from the screen to the body, from the strap to the charging points!

One of the most preferred product groups in the field of wearable technology is ‘smart watches’. Users are curious about the cleanliness of these smart accessories, which not only show the time but also help us do many of our jobs in one touch.

If you are thinking, “How do you clean the screen and strap of smartwatches that are in direct contact with our skin at all hours of the day?”, here is the answer! In this article, we have explained smartwatch cleaning from A to Z for you.

How to Clean Smartwatch Screen?

When starting to clean your smartwatch, you must first disconnect the band from the screen. Afterwards, you should turn the device off and then make sure you have prepared the following materials:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Alcoholic wipes with an alcohol content not exceeding 70%
  • Ear stick
  • Soft bristle toothbrush
  • Isopropyl alcohol

If you have prepared the materials listed above, you can start cleaning the smartwatch screen. For this, you can follow these steps:

  • Wipe the back of the screen with a lint-free cloth to remove dust and sticky substances.
  • Wet a microfiber cloth and wipe the dust and stubborn stains that stick to the glass with this wet cloth.
  • If this does not remove the stains, you can expose the watch screen to steam for a short time in a place where hot water is flowing so as not to damage the watch. The steam can help dissolve stubborn stains. You just need to avoid getting any part of your smartwatch wet.
  • Afterwards, you can dry it with a microfiber cloth.
  • There may be dust accumulated at the charging port and other connection points. You can remove this dust with an ear stick or alcohol wipe.
  • If necessary, you can continue cleaning the charging ports with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • You can also use ear sticks to clean the top and around the pins.
  • Before charging the smartwatch that you have cleaned the screen and body, you need to make sure that there is no wetness left on the connection points of the device. For this, you can use a dry microfiber cloth to complete the drying process.

If you have these materials, you can slowly start cleaning your smartwatch strap. “But how?”, here are the steps you need to follow to clean the smartwatch strap according to different materials:

Nylon: You can use cold water and a mild soap to remove stubborn stains that won’t come off after wiping with a microfiber cloth. After thoroughly rinsing the strap you cleaned in this way, you should let it dry completely.
Silicone, plastic or rubber: Rinsing with water is usually sufficient for cleaning plastic-based materials. However, in some cases, we may encounter stains that do not come out. For these stains, you may need to use a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol.
Alternatively, you can try washing and rinsing the strap with a soap-free cleaner or hypoallergenic soap and then drying it with a lint-free microfiber cloth.
Metal: Using too much water to clean metal belts can have undesirable consequences, such as rust. For this reason, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the dust and dirt accumulated in the corners and dry them with lint-free cloths.
Leather When cleaning leather straps, you can first dust with a dry and clean cloth. Then you can continue cleaning with special brushes called leather brushes. You should stay away from cleaning materials that will deteriorate the leather quality. In daily use, you should protect the leather strap from direct sunlight and extremely hot weather in order to extend the life of the leather strap.
Woven fabric: You can clean watch straps made of woven fabric using cold water with a mild soap that does not contain harmful chemicals.


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