How to Apply for a Turkish University ?

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  • Tuition Fee Amount in Turkey
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The application process for Turkish universities is so easy and if you are applying for an undergraduate degree, your high school diploma will be enough. If you are applyiing for a master program, you should have a university diploma. The admission process is specific to which degree you choose, however, there are some general conditions to consider. These conditions for the average undergraduate student will include:

  • Completed application form
  • Academic transcript / graduation certificate
  • Proficiency for English (if you have English education)
  • Personal Statement
  • Enough money on bank account
  • The Receipt of application fee payment (Application fee is usually between 35-100 USD)

Applications and supporting documents must be submitted before the deadline and usually by August 1.

Tuition Fee Amount in Turkey

For international students, the tuition fees are so affordable and vary for the applied program. State universities are much more economical than private universities in Turkey. While getting a master’s degree in a public university will cost you a relatively low cost of $ 300-800, private university fees range up to $ 20,000.

Tuition fees at public universities are usually more expensive for English language learning programs, ranging from $ 600-1500 per year, while for Turkish programs with the same curriculum it is around $ 240-750.

Living Costs in Turkey

Although depending on the lifestyle and spending habits, the cost of living for a student in Turkey is relatively low compared to other countries in Europe. It is estimated that a budget of 400 to 500 US Dollars per month is required to cover living expenses, including accommodation. You will also need $ 100 to $ 150 per semester to cover the costs of textbooks and administrative fees.

The Conditions of Student Visa

In order to receive education in Turkey, you should firstly accepted by a program and you must apply for a student visa at the nearest Turkish consulate. You will need the documents below to get a student visa :

  • A copy of your acceptance letter from a Turkish university
  • A completed student visa application form (taken from the consulate)
  • A valid passport (with an expiration date beyond the end of time you plan to stay in Turkey)
  • A processing fee that varies depending on your nationality
  • Your photos as passport size

It takes about eight weeks from the moment you make your application to get your visa. Also, after coming to Turkey you should also apply for a residence permit within one month. This application can be made to the nearest police station. You need to prove with your documents that you have been accepted from a Turkish university and are in the process of obtaining a student visa.

Finally, international students studying in Turkey are allowed to work up to 24 hours per week.

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