How Does The Billing Process Change When I Pass To E-Bill?

You can hear the words of e-bill and e-archive from your community for a long time and you may want to pass to electronic bill. It is possible to find so many informations about your obligatory of passing to e-bill and the application process. But, how does the billing process change when you pass to e-bill?

Supposing That, I Pass To The E-bill, Then What Will Happen To The Paper Bills That I Have ?

Now, we can talk about two different situations;

If you passed to the electronic media for the bills thanks to the systems of e-bill and e-archive, after that, you need to stop to make out paper bill. In this situation, you can make the paper bills invalid by taking to the tax office. If you pass to the e-bill system and not to pass e-archive system, you can create paper bills for the person and company who are not registered to e-bill application.

Should I Make Out E-bill Or E-archive ? How Can I Understand That Wheter The Opposite Side Use E-bill Or Not ?should I Make Out E-bill Or E-archive ? How Can I Understand That Wheter The Opposite Side Use E-bill Or Not ?

You write the taxpayer identification number or TR identity number of the person  on the bill. You can do the similar process while creating the electronic bill. The system finds whether the opposite side is registered to the e-bill or not by searching and it build bill format according to that after entering the numbers. If the opposite side is registered with the taxpayer identification number or TR identity number, e-fatura will be created and send. If not, the bill will be created as e-archive.

Can I Go On Making Out Paper Bill After Passing E-bill?

If you pass to only e-bill system, you can go on making out paper bill for the person or company that do not use e-bill.

As it is said before, if you registered in both e-bill and e-archive, the bill is need to prepared as e-bill.

Can I Make Out A Bill For The Past?

The legal term is 7 day for making out a bill for the past in the bill of e-bill and e-archive just like in the printed bills. It is suggested not to making out a bill for the earlier than 7 days. But, the system that you use can not limit you with 7 days.

Can I Do The Procedure Of Cancel Or Return In The Bills Of E-bill And E-archive?

The procedure of cancel or return can be done on e-bill and e-archive just like on the paper bills,but their makeups can show changes.

If the type of the bill that you make out is e-bill,

  • When your bill is moved into the system of the opposite side, two choices are seen to the clients such as ‘approve’ and ‘decline’. If your client approves, he or she can take the bill in his or her system by clicking to the button of approve after analysing the details on the bill.
  • Your client can decline the bill if there is a something wrong or need to be regulate.
  • When the bill that you send is declined, this information is moved into your system. You can send it again by making offical and making the necessary regulations.
  • The cancellation of an approved e-bill happens by making out return bill by your client. Supposing that, your client approves e-bill that you make out, and the e-bill need to be cancelled. Then you recognize that something is wrong. In this case, it will be enough that your client send an e-bill which as valuable as the bill that you send. In the system of e-bill, these two bilss will be net.
  • The return scenario can happen by sending e-bill including the products that your client wants to return by your client

If the type of the bill that you make out is e-archive bill,

  • You can carry out the procedure of cancel on the system that you prepared and send within 7 days. Then you can create a new bill and send it.
  • If the e-archive bill is older than 7 days, it should not be cancelled just like on the printed bill. Instead of procudure of cancel, return bill can be made out to you.
  • If E-archive bill is made out for the person or company that is a taxpayer, your client can create a return bill, but if e-archive bill is made out for the last user, the procudure of cancel can be carried out by preparing a note of expenses by you.
  • Your client can prepare a bill including the products that he or she want to return and send to you for return scenario.

As you can see, there is a similar legal process to paper bill in the procedure of cancel and return of e-bill and e-archive. Just the ways that you can follow according to the scenarios can show some changes. But, don’t worry, these procedures are easy, which you can do after some process of making out bills.

Do I Have To Use E-notebook When I Pass To E-bill?

The companies,whose endorsement is 5 million TL and more in 2017 and later, will have to pass to both e-bill and e-notebook according to the draft communique that was published on the last summer months by Revenue Administration. When the draft communique comes into force is a topic that is wonder about.

I Do E-commerce, Do I Send a Paper Bill to My Clients ?

If you do e-commerce and you use e-archive with the e-bill, you do not have to send the paper bill to your clients. You can create e-bill for the users who are registered in the system of e-bill. Also, you can create a bill of e-archive for the users who are not the taxpayer of e-bill.How Does yhe Billing Process Change When I Pass To E-Bill?

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