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How can Foreigners Register IMEI in Turkey?

It is a legal obligation for electronic devices in Turkey to have records called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) records after they are brought from abroad. Devices brought by foreigners from abroad must also have IMEI records. Previously, IMEI registrations of foreign nationals were made through subscription centers. However, with the new regulation introduced as of 2021, foreigners can register their IMEI via e-government with the password they receive using their ID numbers starting with 99. Thus, the IMEI registration service has started to be provided from a single point, connected to the standard.

The controls to be made on the customs declaration are also provided quickly through software integrations with the Ministry of Commerce. Thus, foreigners can obtain an E-Government password via PTT, complete their registration in a short time through the system they log in, and legalize their electronic devices. In addition, the time allowed for importers and manufacturers to correct the IMEI they reported incomplete or incorrectly was increased from 3 months to 6 months.

If you have questions about the IMEI registration of foreigners in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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  1. Hi, Khalid coming to Türkiye İstanbul on a short vacation from UAE.
    I have 3 phones (1 android 2 iphone), one is gift other two is mine and laptop. My friends have infomed me than i can’t carry all of them. If i register it will it be fine to carry them all

  2. How do I register my devices. I haven’t received my permit of stay yet. Please advice

  3. A suggestion for phones brought to TRNC – collect the phone tax and register the IMEI at the point of sale when selling a second SIM.
    This applies to silly foreigners like me who bought a SIM from turkcell, then realised it won’t dial international calls bought a second SIM from Telsim. Only to find found out the phone now has to be registered so the second SIM is blocked.
    Travelling to Lefkosya, then to Girne all for 35TL in tax?

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