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How Can Foreigners Get Certificate of Celibacy in Turkey?

Turkey has become one of the most important countries for foreingers from different countries of the world to work or make investement. With strong economy, young and dynamic population, geopolitical location and magnificent nature, Turkey welcomes millions of immigrants and tourists with great hospitality every year. Recently, with the effect of the increasing foreign population, many foreigners have started to marry in Turkey. If the procedures are followed completely, there is no legal obstacle for foreigners to marry in Turkey. Recently, we started getting different questions about the official documents required for foreigners’ marriage procedures. Of course, the certificate of celibacy is one of the required documents. In this article, we wanted to share some details about the celibacy certificate required for foreigners to get married in Turkey.

Which Documents Require for Marriage in Turkey?

First of all, you should know that the documents are different for Turkish citizens and foreigners who will marry in Turkey. It is not possible for couples who do not complete these documents completely to get married legally. The following documents are required from a foreigner who will marry in Turkey:

  • ID Card or Passport : If the foreigner does not have a passport, an identity document with a notarized translation is required. In addition, the passport must have enough time to cover the day of the wedding.
  • Visa: A valid visa is required.
  • Passport Photo : It should have been taken within the last 6 months.
  • Medical Report : You should have a valid medical report. It must be taken from a state hospital or family physician.
  • Marriage License : The foreigner must be taken from own country or from the consulates in Turkey.
  • Celibacy Certificate : It is a document that proves that the foreigner is not married in own country.
  • Birth Certificate : If one of the information about the person is missing in the marriage license document, this document can be requested.

What is Celibacy Certificate?

As a rule, in order for two people to have a legal marriage in Turkey, both man and woman should not have any marital relationship and they should be single. The celibacy certificate is also a document that can be obtained from the institutions and organizations of foreign citizens in their own countries and proves that the person is single at the time of receipt. People who are foreign on one side or both sides and who will marry in Turkey must obtain celibacy documents that prove that they are single. This document is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Where Can I Take Celibacy Certificate?

Foreigners who want to get married in Turkey can obtain their celibacy documents from the consulates of their countries in Turkey. After getting the document, you also need to have its Turkish translation approved in the presence of a notary public. Foreigners who are in Turkey and want to get married can have the documents they receive from their consulates in Istanbul approved at the District Governorship offices in the districts where they are located. Citizens of countries that do not have a consulate in Istanbul have to have the document they received from their consulates in Ankara certified and translated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, documents received from countries with which Turkey has apostille agreement do not need to be re-approved in Turkey. It is also useful to remind that some countries only issue these documents in their own countries, so foreigners should definitely get information from the authorities on this issue.

If you have any question about getting celibacy certificate by foreigners in Turkey, please ask them on comments section below.

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  1. I am US citizen and want to marry in Istanbul Turkey. do I need the certificate of celibacy from county or state?

  2. please provide the relevant document/s from the marriage registration authority in Turkey stating that you are free to marry. Please how can I get it?

  3. Thank you I have a question: I am from Canada can I get medical report in Turkey?

  4. Hi everyone! I am residing here in Istanbul and soon i will be marrying a European guy which I will be needing a certificate of unmarried status from Turkey, to prove that I did not marry anyone in Turkey.My problem is I do not know where to get that doccument here in Istanbul..Can anybody help me with this?
    I am willing to pay for the processing fee.

  5. I am a pakistani and i want to get married here. And to whom i want to marry is also pakistani. Please guide me for this celibacy certificate. What can i do first? Where exactly should i go to make this certificate. I am living in istanbul. Me and my partner didn’t have any other marriage before. Please tell me where should o go to .share the office location please

    1. Hello,

      The celibacy certificate should be gotten from your homecountry, Kindly ask you to contact Consulate General of Pakistan in Istanbul and check with them if they can provide such a document for you and your partner.

      Thank you,

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