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How Can Foreigners be Divorced in Turkey?

Just like in marriage, the concept of divorcing can be completed with a court decision legally. Accordingly, couples who want to divorce must divorce by court decision. Divorce cases can be filed in the competent court in your city. Accordingly, married foreigners legally in Turkey can apply to the courts for divorce, just like Turkish citizens, if there are divorce decisions.

In addition, you must work with a lawyer as a legal adviser in court proceedings. You have the right to consult your lawyer for detailed information about the process, questions that remain in your mind and other points throughout the process. If you agree with a private lawyer, we would like to remind you that you must pay him legal consultancy fees and litigation expenses. If you do not have the financial strength, you have the right to request legal support by applying to the bar association in your city. Bar associations are the names given to the professional organizations that lawyers are affiliated with in cities. By applying to the office called the Legal Aid Office, you can submit your documents that your financial situation cannot meet the legal expenses. As a result, if your application is successful, you can have your legal advice and court costs covered by the bar association.

If you have questions about the divorce of married foreigners in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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