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How Can Foreigners Arrange Letter of Attorney in Turkey?

At the last years, the number of foreigners working in different sectors, establishing businesses or continuing their lives with a residence permit in Turkey has increased significantly. As a natural result of this situation, an increase has been observed in the transactions made by foreigners in official institutions in Turkey and the need to issue a letter of attorney to different individuals and organizations in order to carry out these transactions. Foreigners living in Turkey can arrange a general and special letter of attorney, as well as perform these transactions at notaries in the country and at consulates abroad. In this article, we will briefly explain what should be known about foreigners’ letter of attorney arrangements in Turkey.

What is Letter of Attorney? Where can I use it?

As a general definition, it is a written document that authorizes a person to take legal actions on a particular subject. As a rule, it is issued in notaries in Turkey, while it is issued in consulates abroad. Letter of attorney is a bilateral contract and can be issued in a general or limited manner. According to the Code of Obligations, individuals can authorize any person they want on a certain subject, enabling them to perform certain actions on their behalf. In order for a letter of attorney to be granted, as a rule, both parties must be of sound mind and both parties must be individuals over 18 years old. Attorney’s fees vary depending on the subject. With a general letter of attorney, transactions can be made on behalf of another person with legal authority on title deed, inheritance, share transfer in companies, definition and enforcement. In addition, limited letter of attorney can be issued, such as giving letter of attorney to lawyers in accounting, vehicle purchase and sale or divorce affairs.

How can Foreigners Arrange a Letter of Attorney in Turkey?

Foreigners who live in Turkey or visit Turkey for tourism purposes, they may apply for letter of attorney with a valid passport or valid residence permit to notaries or consulates. In addition, it should not be forgotten that sworn translations can be requested depending on the country of citizenship and the language they speak. However, in order for a letter of attorney issued abroad to be valid in Turkey, it must be translated into Turkish with an apostille and certification in Turkey. A letter of attorney that does not complete these stages will be invalid. As a result, foreigners in Turkey can issue a letter of attorney in Turkey for their different legal proceedings. In order to be able to issue a letter of attorney, individuals must personally apply to the notary public or the consulate, while the person who will receive the letter of attorney does not need to apply to the notary public or the consulate in any way. You can find the address and contact information of the nearest notary in your district here.

If you have questions about foreigners’ letter of attorney arrangements in Turkey, you can send your questions to us in the comments section.

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