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How can Foreigners Apply for Electricity, Water, Gas and Internet Subscriptions in Turkey?

Like Turkish citizens, foreigners who live in Turkey must have their own electricity, water, gas and internet subscriptions for their rental and purchased houses. According to the law being implemented in Turkey, used in residential and office electricity, water and gas to the house of subscriptions must be the people who use legally.

Many foreigners started to live in metropolis cities of Turkey like İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Bursa in Turkey. Therefore, primarily rented to foreigners all around Turkey, including these cities and the number of houses sold was also seen significant growth. Thanks to the decreasement the minimum amount of acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment to 250 thousand dollars, many foreigners started to prefer Turkey.

Generally, although the property owners take the subscriptions on their own, we can say that the applications for taking these subscriptions on the foreigners have started to increase, with a lot of problems in this regard. We will briefly talk about the procedures for electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions for foreigners who have a valid residence permit in Turkey when purchase or rent a house.

How Can Foreigners Complete Electricity Subscription Process in Turkey?

The foreigners must apply to electricity distribution companies that provide services to the region in which they reside. If you reside in Istanbul, you have to apply for a subscription to the company that provides distribution to your region from different companies such as Bedaş, Enerjisa, CK Boğaziçi Elektrik. You can subscribe from different distribution companies for different cities. New subscription applications can be easily made online or through branches. The following documents to open a new electricity subscription of foreigners in Turkey is required to provide a complete manner:

  • Foreign ID Card (must include foreign ID number)
  • If the energy is not cut in the place of use, a document indicating ownership (title deed, lease agreement, etc.)
  • Subscriber or installation number of the place of use, if any (an old invoice)

For tenants,

  • Property owner name and surname
  • If the property owner is a legal person (company), tax number, name, surname and title information
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance
  • IBAN number for your bank account

Today, most of the electricity subscriptions in Istanbul are provided by internet application. For example, for subscription from Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım company, you can visit the link and click the “Kayıt ol” button on the screen below to create a new account first.

Apply for subscription in Turkey 1

You can register to the system by filling in your personal information on the screen that opens. If you do not have a TC identity number, you can register with the foreign identity number.

Apply for subscription in Turkey 2

After completing the membership process, you can enter the system from the screen below and complete your subscription application on the system with your address information.

How Can Foreigners Complete Gas Subscription Process in Turkey?

How Can Foreigners Complete Gas Subscription Process in Turkey?

Like electricity subscription, foreigners must complete their gas subscription operations for their own account in Turkey legally. Natural gas subscriptions complete in Turkey with applied two different systems. These are invoice and prepaid system. In the invoice system, consumption is made first and this consumption is billed monthly. In the prepaid system, the balance is first loaded via a card provided to the subscribers, and then this balance is loaded into the natural gas meter. İGDAŞ in Istanbul, Başkent Gaz in Ankara and İzmirgaz in İzmir are mainly companies that provide natural gas distribution to residences.

You can complete the following transactions online through the websites of the distributor companies: Natural Gas Connection Contract, Subscription (Use) Contract, Contract Termination Application, Project Approval Status, Gas Opening Appointment Inquiry, New Appointment or Changing Appointment Date, Regarding your invoices; You can perform Invoice Information Inquiry, Invoice Calculation, Invoice Accrual, Bill Payment, Fixed Payment Contract, Invoice Objection and Meter Control Request.

You can use these links below to complete your gas subscription process;

Find the required documents for gas subscription in Turkey:

  • The consumption point number of the place where the contract will be made,
  • If the owner is the title deed, if the tenant is the rental contract photocopy,
  • Turkish ID Number, foreigner identification number for foreigners
  • If the contract is made by third parties, a notarized photocopy of the power of attorney is required, and the power of attorney must include the statement of gas transactions.

How Can Foreigners Complete Water Subscription Process in Turkey?

Firstly, it should be known that water subscriptions are provided by İSKİ in Istanbul and ASKİ in Ankara. You can apply for water subscription in Istanbul and Ankara cities both on the internet and by applying to the branches. You can open your water subscription with the following documents;

  • T.C. ID Number (Foreign ID Number for foreigners)
  • Title deed or rental contract
  • 144 TL Security Deposit
  • Updated water and canal participation fees

By following the steps below, you can create a new online account on İSKİ and complete your water subscription application.

Firstly use address to visit webpage.

Please click on “Üye Kayıt” link.

Apply for subscription in Turkey 4

If you are making a personal subscription application for your residence, please click on the “Bireysel Üyelik” tab, if you are applying with a business title, please click on the “Kurumsal Üyelik” tab.

Apply for subscription in Turkey 5

If you are going to subscribe for the first time or take over an existing subscription, you should continue from the “No Contract Number” section on the right.

Apply for subscription in Turkey 6

You can complete your membership by filling TR or foreign ID number, e-mail address and password. After this process, all you need to do is to complete your application on the membership screen with the information required for the new subscription application.

Internet Subscription for Foreigners

Turkey is one of the few countries in providing high-standard fiber internet access of the world. For this reason, as well as the different phone operator in Turkey, various companies for many years, serving as an internet provider. In addition, some internet packages include some additions services like TV subscription, terrestrial broadcasting, etc. It’s enough your foreign identity number, address, telephone and e-mail address to complete your subscription, you can benefit from 2-4 months free promotional campaigns of some operators.

If you are going to apply for a subscription to home internet, generally quota packages are in the range of 40-80 TL per month, while non-quota packages are priced in the range of 90-250 TL. However, since price differences will be observed according to the operators, you should definitely learn the latest prices from your operator when opening a new subscription. In addition, you must make sure that you read the contracts and guarantees you will sign during the subscription process correctly and completely.

If you have questions about electricity, water, gas and internet subscription processes for foreigners in Turkey, please ask us on the comments section below.

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  1. Hello, I tried to subscribe to the new Firber internet connection but the asking Turkish ID which I never applied.
    I am Omani citizen and purchased a property 2018 here in Esenyort Istanbul.
    Could you please advise me.

    1. You can apply for residence permit on basis of purchased property to the İmmigration office. If you need an assistance with the process, please contact us by 4447284

  2. Hello. I tried to subscribe to the new electric connection but they are asking me for TRP which I never applied.
    I am a US citizen and purchased a property here. Would you please advise the solution?

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