How can Foreign Students Obtain Transcript Document in Turkey?

Recently, getting transcript document for foreign students has become easier with the integration to the digital platforms of some universities in Turkey. Transcript is defined as the overall exam results of the courses taken during the university life. All courses taken in the educational institution are listed in this document, along with their grades. The name of the course, the semester in which the course was taken and the correspondence of these grades in the letter system are clearly shown on the transcript. At the end of the document, there are values showing the general success status such as the grade average and general grade average obtained in the relevant periods. The transcript document also contains the internship activities completed along with the grade averages.

Transcript document is one of the required documents for job and grant applications, especially for governmental agencies. However, transcript document can be obtained from the student affairs unit of educational institutions or it’s possible to obtain it online. The foreign students studying in Turkey can also benefit equally from these opportunities like Turkish students. Today, only the transcript documents of some universities can be obtained via e-Government (E-Devlet), but the Higher Education Institution has initiated a study to provide transcript documents issued by the universities in a standard form, in Turkish and English via the e-Government platform. In this way, it will be possible to obtain e-transcript documents for free and easily in digital environment without going to the university, which will be valid for all universities in a short time. In this article about foreign students receiving a transcript document, we explained from which institutions this document can be obtained.

Why Students Need Transcript Document?

Generally, the transcript document is demanded by a lot of instutitions. It’s commonly required for internship applications, job applications, academic staff recruitment and graduate applications. Transcript is one of the documents that must be declared. Transcript is often required to present educational background and qualification. Foreign students also need a transcript for their applications in their home country.

Many higher education institutions in Turkey prepare transcript only in Turkish. The use of the transcript must be Turkish in Turkey. However, especially for foreign students, if the institution to be applied for is abroad, this document must be translated into the required language. It is recommended that foreign students who want to study abroad undergraduate or graduate should pay attention to this issue. On the other hand, in some countries where the English language is not the native language, a third language may be requested. Foreign students should pay attention to the above-mentioned situations while receiving their transcript.

How to Obtain Transcript?                                                                        

Foreign students who are currently studying at universities or university graduates can apply to the Student Affairs Departments, Faculties or Institutes of their universities in person to obtain their transcript documents and, depending on the infrastructure of the universities, they can obtain this document within one or two working days at the earliest. Moreover, the transcript can only be taken by the person himself or by a second person specified with the given power of attorney.

On the other hand, a foreign language transcript is needed and many universities cannot provide this service. Foreign students and graduates have their transcripts translated at translation offices for a fee. This situation causes time and financial loss especially for foreign students and graduates applying from abroad. In the coming days, it will be ensured that the e-Transcript document can also be obtained in English through the e-government portal, and it will save time and money especially for foreign students abroad.

Obtaining Transcript on E-Government System

In order to obtain transcript document via e-Government, firstly you should visit, and verify your identity with T.C. ID Number and password information. There is a search section in the header of the E-Government website homepage. In order to get a Transcript Document, you need to write “Transcript Document Search” in the search section. After completing your search, you’ll see the higher education institutions that can issue transcript documents via e-government online. Clicking on the higher education institution where you are studying among these records, you will be directed to the relevant page. In this way, you will reach the last step to perform the process of querying and retrieving transcript documents via e-government. On the page that appears, click the button that says “Create Document” and give the create document command, and your transcript document will be ready to print. You can print this document via a printer and present it to any institution during your application. In this article, we explained in detail the issue of getting transcript for foreign students, if you have any questions, you can contact us in the comments section.

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