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How Can Foreign Associations and Foundations Open Branches in Turkey

With its geopolitical location connecting three continents, its young and dynamic population and its industrial infrastructure using high-tech products, Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries for investment and work by foreigners in recent years. As a natural consequence of this situation, the foreign population increased in different regions of the country, and a significant part of them benefited from the advantages of citizenship by investment. Foreigners who started to live with their families in Turkey also started to carry out association and foundation activities in different cities. In addition to this, associations and foundations that are owned or a member of some foreigners in their countries continue their activities legally in Turkey. First of all, we would like to remind you that it is possible for foreign associations and foundations to open branches in Turkey as a result of meeting certain legal criteria and procedures.

Foreign Associations Opening Branches in Turkey

As we mentioned, it is possible for foreign associations to open branches or representative offices in Turkey only after certain criteria and permits are completed. Foreign associations that have opened representative offices in Turkey are also subject to the Associations Law, just like domestic associations. There is no legal obstacle for an association established and operating in a foreign country to open a branch or representative office within the borders of the Republic of Turkey with the final permission of the Ministry of Interior, taking the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applications are made directly to the Ministry of Interior, and in applications to open branches, some documents that clearly show the information such as the title of the association, residence address, management team, field of activity, legal book records must also be provided. Foreign associations deemed appropriate as a result of the evaluation can open branches in Turkey and continue their activities in the country within the framework of the Law on Associations. In order for foreign associations to open branches and representative offices in Turkey, they must provide the following documents in full:

  • The status of the foreign NGO in its original language with an apostille annotation and the notarized Turkish translation of the entire status.
  • Notarized Turkish translation of the copy of the decision on opening a branch in Turkey, taken by the authorized body of the foreign NGO unanimously or with a majority of votes, including the person(s) appointed as the branch founder, with wet signature,
  • The application form specified in the Associations Regulation, each page of which is signed by the persons appointed as the founder of the branch or the official of the foreign NGO,
  • Turkey Branch Statute, each page of which is signed by the persons appointed as the founder of the branch, and prepared in accordance with the example found in the Regulation on Associations,
  • If there are foreign nationals among the persons appointed as the founder of the branch, the original of the residence permit (work permit) showing that they have the right to settle in Turkey.

If the branch is to be opened within the borders of the metropolitan municipality, all documents must be provided by one increment. In addition, the Ministry of Interior has the right to refuse the opening of a branch for different reasons, even if all documents are provided in full, all discretion in this matter lies with the relevant units.

Foreign Foundations Opening Branches in Turkey

Unlike associations, foundations can open branches or representations in Turkey with the permission of the Ministry of Interior, provided that the reciprocity criterion is observed and the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taken when it is necessary to ensure global cooperation. Foundations that have been approved to operate in Turkey and whose branches have been established may carry out their activities within the scope of the relevant provisions of the Civil Code. The documents required at the application stage are similar to the opening of the association branch as we mentioned above. Foreign foundations whose branches are deemed appropriate are granted a temporary or indefinite operating permit by the Ministry of Interior.

If you have questions about foreign associations and foundations opening branches in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.

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