How are Traffic Rules implemented in Turkey?

Complying with traffic rules are a must in terms of safety of life and property of people. If we consider that vehicle more than 20 million are present in Turkey and these vehicles are moving every day, we can tell that conforming to traffic rules has vital importance.

In this writing, we will also mention in detail the traffic rules you have to obey in Turkey and request you to abide by these rules every time.

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Traffic Rules You should obey in Turkey

Let us state that İstanbul is found at first row from the aspect of vehicle density particularly and therefore, the city where the highest traffic density is experienced in Turkey. So if you think to live in İstanbul, we can recommend you to prefer the public transport vehicles in the city.

Now let us deal with some matters you have to be attentive.

Give way to Pedestrians in turning to right

Traffic flows from right in Turkey. When you want to turn to right in driving, if people cross over, priority belongs to these people. In the event that traffic light does not exist at that point, pedestrians have always precedence.

Gear down in Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian crossings are the signs which are placed with the aim of providing life safety of pedestrians in the sections where no traffic light is present.

Obey to following distance

Be careful not to approach very much to the vehicle in front of you in driving. Because, everything may happens at any moment. For instance, because of a cat which suddenly rushes out, vehicle in front of you may brake at once. Therefore, if you leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead, you will reduce your chance of making accident to minimum.

Definitely watch out Traffic Signs and Lights

In order to warn drivers, a lot of traffic signs are available on roads. These signs show the way to drivers, informs them about the conditions in next sections of the road. In other words, it is vital for you to pay attention to signs roadside in driving. Some of these marks are as follows:

Of course proceeding to next title without telling of traffic lights would not be proper. Because it should be indicated that non-obeying to traffic lights is a big factor for traffic accidents. In waiting at red lights, the vehicles like ambulance, fire brigade, etc. may get near, sounding siren. In such cases, you can bring your vehicle in a correct point with the purpose of giving way to these vehicles.

Do not use left lane unnecessarily

In the roads having lane more than one, left lane is used to overtake a vehicle in front of you and accelerate. Therefore, during travel, look out for not to use left lane continuously. Namely, after overtaking the vehicle in front of you, you should pass to right lane.

Again, in the roads on which many lanes exist, the rightmost lane is emergency lane. This lane is allocated to emergency vehicles such as ambulance, fire brigade, etc. Keep it in your mind that if you continuously drive on emergency lane, fine will be applied by radars and traffic polices.

What are most violated traffic rules in Turkey?

413.000 traffic accidents took place in Turkey according to statistics 2016. Unfortunately persons more than 7000 lost their life in these accidents. Reason of these accidents is primarily arisen from not to obey to basic traffic rules and the carelessness.

Now let us review most violated traffic rules in Turkey.

  • Not to fasten seat belt. Everyone in a vehicle should put on seat belt.
  • To violate right of way of pedestrians in pedestrian crossing,
  • To run a red light,
  • Not to obey to traffic signs,
  • Over speed and not to comply with speed limits,
  • Improperly passing,
  • Drink driving,
  • Turning or changing lane without signalling,
  • Talking by cell phone or typing message in traffic,
  • Not to comply with right of way rules,
  • Not to conform to close following distance with the vehicle ahead,
  • Taking the road without chain in winter months are the most common reasons leading to traffic accidents.

How are Speed Limits and Fines in Turkey?

Regrettably, most of traffic accidents occur as a result of failing to obey to speed limits. Therefore, driving by taking care of speed limits in Turkey has vital importance from the aspect of safety of life and property of both you and other people.

With the purpose of ensuring that drivers do not create danger through over speed, radar application across the country is widely present. Radars detect speeds of drivers and in case of any violation, applies fine automatically, determining plates of vehicle. Similarly, civil police automobiles which wait by the wayside may carry out radar application. Therefore, regularly obeying to speed limits is significant.

In addition, it should be noted that penalty point is implemented in the traffic of Turkey. Driving license of the drivers who make wrongful behaviours lie running a red light, not to obeying to speed limits, calling by cell phone in driving, etc. may be seized by traffic police. For example, 1 penalty point is given to those who exceed speed limit 21-25 kilometer, 1 penalty point to those who runs a red light. The driving license of the driver who reaches total 8 points may be temporarily seized.

You can learn the speed limits updated in 2018 from the internet site of General Directorate of Highways. (

What Materials should be made available in Vehicle?

In pursuance of traffic rules in Turkey and safe traffic, the materials and certificates listed below should be available in each vehicle.

Certificates to be found in Private Cars

In routinely applied traffic controls, the following certificates should be shown to traffic police.

  • Vehicle license
  • Driving license
  • Compulsory traffic insurance renewed each year
  • Exhaust emission decal taken every year
  • Vehicle inspection certificate made every other year for private cars
  • Vehicle tax paid two times a year (payment of that is sufficient, keeping its receipt in vehicle is unnecessary)
  • Motor insurance of vehicle if taken out

Necessary Materials to be held in Private Cars

For the accidents and failures to occur, the materials specified below should also be kept in vehicles.

  • First aid kit (the following materials should be found in the kit: 2 pcs large gauze, 1 box sterile cotton gauze, 2 pcs triangular bandage, 1 pcs antiseptic solution, 10 pcs hooked needle, 1 pcs small scissor (stainless steel), 1 pcs tourniquet, 10 pcs sticking plaster, 1 pcs aluminium burn dressing, 2 pair medical glove, 1 pcs torch)
  • Fire extinguisher of at least 1 kg,
  • Warning triangle which able to stand upright, have at least 2 pcs reflecting surface
  • Car lifter and wheel nut wrench
  • Tire chain and towing rope for winter months (Security General Directorate prohibit hitting road for the vehicles without chain and towing rope in winter months if it considers necessary)

How can Foreign Nationals receive driver’s license in Turkey?

Foreign Nationals can drive vehicle with their driver’s license they have taken from a country outside Turkey for 6 months at most from the date of entry to Turkey. At the end of 6 months, to be able to drive car in Turkey, the drivers’ license taken outside Turkey should be replaced with Turkish driver’s license.

The Foreign Nationals who will get a driver’s license first time should participate in driver courses found prevalently in Turkey and be successful here. Afterwards, by preparing the following certificates, they should apply to provincial or district security directorate personally. Let us also state that it is required to get an appointment from internet for driver’s license transactions.( )

  • Residence permit and its one copy
  • Original copy of the certificate taken from driver course
  • Photocopies of the certificates received from driver course
  • 4 pcs biometric photos
  • Blood group card
  • Receipt of the payment made to take driver’s license
  • Notarized Turkish translation of education certificate

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