Healing Source: Ekinozu Icmeler, Kahramanmaras

Let’s consider three water sources in the Ekinozu district of Kahramanmaras, one after the other. Three sources that heal those who drink and take a bath… Let’s scrape Ekinozu Icmeler in our palms today, let’s take a short tour in Celâ, formerly known as Celâ!

In the Ekinozudistrict of Kahramanmaras, there are three neighborhoods named Asagi Icme, Orta Icme and Yukari Icme. It adds life to this simple town that is open to health tourism and welcomes local tourists. You seem to be asking what gives health and what attracts tourists. Answer: Bitter water… Its name is bitter, but its taste is not from the bitterness we know. The people called these springs bitter water because of the metallic taste it leaves in the mouth due to the metals and minerals it contains. It was a precious blessing, famous for being a cure for a thousand and one troubles. Healing has been flowing from the neighborhood fountain here for thousands of years. Instead of telling it like a legend, let me introduce it to you as if it were a bride.

ekinozu icmeler

The closest source to Ekinozutown center is Yukari Icme, which is 2 km away. The other two run down the same path. Orta Icme is 2.5 km from the town center and 4 km from Asagi Icme. When you come to Ekinozu, all the signs are set for you to drink. Wide roads always lead you to drink. If you wish, it is possible to recognize the Medium and Lower Drinks, starting from the Upper Drink, respectively. Being at a short distance from each other gives us the luxury of seeing and choosing.

Properties of Water

According to the analysis, the waters coming out of all three sources are similar to each other in terms of chemical and physical properties. There are minerals and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, carbon dioxide, bicarbonate in the waters of all three drinking waters. It is colorless, odorless and clear. When the iron and other minerals in it collapse in a day, it leaves a red color not in the water, but in the container they are in and where the fountain is poured. These sources are according to chemical classification; It is in the group of bicarbonate (HC0 3 ), calcium (Ca+2) and magnesium (Mg+2) waters. According to the physical classification, they are in the group of hypothermal and hypotonic waters. They have a temperature of around 13 °C, which we can call cold. They have a high mineralization rate varying between 3000-4000 mg/lt. It has a flow rate of 0.96 lt/sec for upstream drinking, 0.66 lt/sec for medium drinking, and 0.41 lt/sec for downstream drinking. They flow from the fountains built on the springs with the same flow at all times of the year.

ekinozu icmeler kahramanmaras

Use of Brackish Water

These abundant minerals, as the name suggests, are usually used with drinking water. As a drinking cure; It is used in the treatment of kidney, urinary tract, gall bladder, stomach, intestine, hemorrhoids, shortness of breath, internal goiter, diabetes, liver and arteriosclerosis. If you see people jumping and running around after drinking water, know that they are trying to pass kidney stones. Even a small amount of bath cure is applied. In the form of a bath cure, it is stated that it is used as a complementary treatment element in orthopedic operations in cases of long-term immobility such as rheumatism, stress, skin diseases, chronic low back pain complaints, soft tissue injuries and joint sprains. , after neurosurgery and sports injuries. Unfortunately there are no modern facilities for those who want to take a bath. A hotel with its own spa in Asagi Icme also provides hammam service in its hamam. Those who want to take a bath outside of this hotel can take a bath by carrying water from the fountains to the hostel they are staying in, heating it by their own means or taking a cold bath.

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