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He Said It Came From 5000 Years, Showed A Photograph Of The Apocalypse!

A man, who revealed his name as Edward, said he was sent to the future by expressing that he participated in a top secret experiment in 2004. Returning from the year 5000 to the present, the man surprised everyone by saying that he had photographic evidence of the apocalypse. After the photos that became the agenda in a short time on social media, some said that they did not believe in time travel, while others argued that it was real.

A man living in the US state of Los Angeles said he was sent into the future as a time traveler after a top secret experiment. In 2004, the man, who, thanks to his time travel experiment, went forward by about 3000 years, told that he witnessed the apocalypse vividly.


Edward claimed he had defyed the laws of physics when he showed apocalyptic photos and was pushed 3,000 years forward while working in a lab in Los Angeles. The self-proclaimed quantum leaper said he was given a special task to take pictures of what life would be like in the future. Speaking to the camera crews from ApexTV, the man described what he saw of what the apocalypse really looked like.

Expressing that the time traveler Los Angeles will be completely submerged, he warned humanity to build a big ship. “I’m going to tell you a story that will surprise and amaze you. I looked like a ‘place’. It was incredible. I was standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me, but the houses, the building, of course, were all made of wood. “I was stunned when I realized this was Los Angeles,” he said.


Expressing that he talked to the people in the location he reached during time travel, Edward stated that they said that global warming triggered the catastrophic flood. “This will be the reality around the world in the future,” said Edward, who took pictures of a sunken city.

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