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Hatila Valley National Park, located in the province of Artvin, was declared a park in 1994. The park, which has an area of approximately 17 thousand hectares, starts from an altitude of 170 meters and goes up to 3224 meters at its highest point. With this feature, it has a rich vegetation cover at every point. Hatila Valley draws attention with its botanical features as well as its geomorphological structure. With this character, it exhibits a nature that is rare in our country. Although it is located in the Black Sea Region, the valley includes Mediterranean Region plant species; It includes mammals such as bears, foxes, wild goats, martens, badgers, songbirds and raptors, and the famous Hopa Viper.

The Park has a Glass View Terrace with a height of 220 meters built in 2015 in addition to the natural beauties of the Hatilla Valley National Park’s flora and wildlife. It is possible to watch a magnificent nature view with the viewing terrace in the National Park. The viewing terrace is free. You do not have to pay any fees other than the entrance fee to the national park. The geological and geomorphological structure and unique plant communities of Hatila Valley give the region a rare area feature. In addition, the combination of these natural elements creates unique landscape beauties and rich recreational potential areas. Within the National Park area, there are places designated for the daily and camping use of the visitors. There are areas for camping and daily picnics in the region, and it is possible to find Parking, WC, Masjid, Camellias, Country Coffee in these areas. Also, Bungalow type houses can be used for accommodation.

Hatilla Valley National Park awaits campers with natural landscapes and the beauty of its natural life, as well as adrenaline-filled activities such as rock climbing. In Hatilla Valley National Park, where more than 500 plants and many wild animals live, there are viewing points where you can observe and photograph natural life on trekking routes.

How To Get To Hatila Valley National Park?

Hatilla Valley National Park Camping Area, which is about 12 kilometers from Artvin center, is in a location that can be reached by public transport from Artvin. Those who want to come with their private vehicles can reach the Artvin center by following the signs. It should be noted that the roads leading to the region consist of narrow and steep slopes.
There are many hotels and pensions where you can stay in the region. Located near the Hatila Valley National Park, Atabarı Ski Center is preferred by many visitors during the winter months.

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