Haseki Training and Research Hospital

Haseki Training and Research Hospital

Its construction was completed 456 years ago. It was allocated to women in 1843. It was turned into a women’s prison for a while. It was destroyed due to lack of care, it was repaired. It collapsed due to earthquake and fire and was resurrected. Today, with its newly opened modern annex building, it is still standing as a full-fledged Education and Research Hospital affiliated with the Ministry of Health, at the service of the Turkish people and Turkish Medicine. The 600-Bed Capacity (400 General / 200 Gynecology) Hospital also includes 178 intensive care units and 30 operating rooms.

The vision of  Haseki Training and Research Hospital is to achieve predetermined, short and long-term goals and to create institutional awareness in order to ensure the continuity of quality in the provision of health services. The main mission of Haseki Training and Research Hospital  is to keep the satisfaction of the patients and their relatives at the highest level within the quality assurance system to be applied in the provision of health services of Haseki Training and Research Hospital, to ensure that the personnel are proud of their work by creating a corporate culture, and to provide quality health services to the employees with in-service training support by adhering to the principles of deontology.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Anesthesia and Reanimation,

Brain and Nerve Surgery (Neurosurgery),

Pediatric Surgery,

Child Health and Diseases,

Internal Medicine (Internal Diseases),

Dermatology (Dermatology),

Diabetes (Diabetes),

Dialysis, Endocrinology,

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology,

Plastic surgery,

Physical therapy and rehabilitation,


General Surgery,

Chest Diseases,

Eye diseases,

Hematology (Blood Diseases),

Gynecology and Obstetrics (Gynecology),

Cardiac surgery,



Ear Nose Throat,








Strabismus Polyclinic,

Breaking stone,



You can go to Haseki Training and Research Hospital easily from different locations of İstanbul. If you want to reach the hospital by public transportation, there are several different ways that you can prefer to reach Haseki Training and Research Hospitalsuch as; bus, metro, marmaray and minibus.

By Bus:

If you prefer to reach Haseki Training and Research Hospital by bus, you can take 6 different bus lines; 28T, 32A, 35C, 36ES, 39D, 72T

By Metro:

If you prefer to use metro, you can take M2 metro line. You can also use marmaray.

By Minibus:

If you prefer to reach Haseki Training and Research Hospital by minibus, you can prefer two different lines; DOLMUŞ: D44,  MİNİBÜS: A-40

Hospital Website:

You can reach other hospitals in Turkey by this link: Hospitals in Turkey

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