Harvest Time In The Vineyards Established In Ordu

The first harvest from the state-supported grape orchards in Ordu pleased the producers in terms of yield and quality.

The first harvest from the state-supported grape orchards in Ordu pleased the producers in terms of yield and quality. The Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry and the Eastern Black Sea Project Regional Development Administration (DOKAP) are working to expand grape cultivation in the city.

Two years ago, new ties were established in different districts of Ordu

In this context, new vineyards were established in different districts of Ordu 2 years ago. In the first stage, the first products were started to be taken from the vineyards established on approximately 15 decares. The purchase of approximately 2 tons of grapes per decare made the farmer smile. Producers who go to the vineyard in the early hours of the morning put the bunches they cut with scissors into baskets. Producers set out to take the grapes they loaded into vehicles to the market. “The quality and yield of the product is very good.” Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Kemal Yılmaz visited the combine harvesters in the vineyard in Kabakdağı District of Fatsa district.

Stating that, thanks to the projects carried out in the past years, they have succeeded in expanding the production of kiwi and strawberry as well as greenhouse cultivation in the city, Yılmaz said that they have been working to establish fragrant grape gardens in recent years. period. Yılmaz stated that in this context, they took the first step to establish a bond in the city 2 years ago and that they have started to reap the fruits of this in the process to date. He stated that the product quality and yield were very good in the two-year-old orchards.

Ordu province

It is aimed to increase grape production in the province

Yılmaz said that they aim to further increase the production on 15 decares with the new projects they will implement in the coming years. Emphasizing that they are determined to expand the cultivation of fragrant black grapes in Ordu, Yılmaz said, “The aroma of this grape we collect is very nice. Our aim is to extract the juice of the grapes in a new facility we will establish. to deliver them to consumers.”


Pointing out that the yield of the vineyards is high, Yılmaz said, “The size of the vineyards we have established is 2 acres on average. Therefore, it is extremely possible to get 2 tons of product per decare. High yields in a narrow area under Ordu conditions. 2 tons of product.” This figure will increase each year as the vineyards grow. Our call to producers with suitable land is to turn to a second product with high yield per unit area, next to hazelnut. Such products make a very serious contribution to the family economy of the producer. Fatsa Chamber of Agriculture President Haydar Gürsu thanked those who contributed to the establishment of ties in Ordu.

Vineyard Ordu

Stating that they will give more support to the grape producers as the Chamber, Gürsu said, “We will do our best to strengthen the vineyards of the producers. You will not have a market problem in the coming years. Our first job is to take the grapes and extract their juice and bottle them.” aforementioned.


“I am very happy with the first harvest”

Producer Ali Faik Özel said that he also grows hazelnuts. Explaining that he started to grow grapes with the support of the state, Özel said, “When we established the vineyards, I started harvesting in the second year. I am quite happy with the first harvest.” Stating that he aims to further develop the vineyards with the drip irrigation system, Özel advised the producers who have the opportunity to turn to such products. Özel added that grape harvesting is much easier than hazelnuts.


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