Harput Press Museum Opened In Elazig

Harput Press Museum Opened In Elazig

“Harput Press Museum” was opened in Elazig.

The Sağir Mufti Mansion, which was built by the Municipality of Elazig in the Harput District in the 1800s as part of the ‘City of Museums Project’, has been converted into a press museum.

Printing patterns, printing press, communication tools and media materials are exhibited in the museum.

In his speech at the opening, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Serdar Çam said that the museum brought to the city is meaningful.

Stating that the museum is actually an indicator of how the understanding of municipalism is shaped, developed and successfully carried out in Turkey, Çam said:

Harput Press Museum

“With the work done in Harput, we see the manifestation of the strong vein that our President has brought to Turkey in municipalism since 1995. Our press community is really quiet and humbly doing important services. An important pebble stands in the window. It is the opening of our state system, order and nation to the world. It is an important power that contributes to its strong development. In today’s communication age, the meaning of the press and the media is much greater. We are in a great competition in the world. The way to get to know all the past experiences of the people of Harput, our beautiful city that bestowed civilizations on the world, is passed on to young people and children.

“We are in a tremendous expansion in every field. It is politically important that we recognize and highlight the values ​​of our civilization, especially museum activities, in order to carry this power from our past to the future with our unity and solidarity. ” He said that he will spare time and contribute more to the regional economy.

Harput Press Museum

Elazig Governor Ömer Toraman also stated that Harput is one of the main sources of culture and civilization.

Explaining that good work has been done in Harput, Toraman said, “As Elazig Municipality, there are serious efforts to revitalize many idle buildings in Harput. One of them is the press museum. Press activities in Elazig have a deep-rooted history. We consider the media and media activities as the memory of cities. accept it,” he said.

Harput Press Museum

Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları stated that they are working with members of the press to add value to the city and that they have implemented the press museum, which is within their commitment, in a short time.

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