Greek Soldiers Tortured, Turkish Soldier Saved

The boat of the immigrants, who tried to cross to Bulamac (Farmakonisi) Island with rubber boats from the vicinity of Didim district of Aydin, sank on the rocks next to the island. It was announced that the immigrants who climbed the rocks were rescued by Greek soldiers, after they were subjected to violence and torture, and then pushed into Turkish territorial waters in a life raft on the shores of Datca, 70 kilometers away, and Turkish soldiers rescued the immigrants.

According to the news announced by the Greek media and the site, which is among the international aid organizations for immigrants and comes to the fore with immigrant news, on 22 June 2022, they started to cross to Bulamac (Farmakonisi) Island, 6 miles away, with a rubber boat they boarded from the vicinity of Didim district of Aydin. Half a mile from the island, the boat, which was carrying 42 Afghan immigrants working, crashed into the rocks in the dark and sank. Immigrants on the boat climbed onto the rocks and waited for help to arrive.


It was stated that the Greek soldiers rescued the immigrants, 15 of whom were children, 17 of whom were women and 10 of whom were men, from the rocks, took them to Bulamac Island, put them in a tin hut, and used violence against some Afghan immigrants and threatened to kill them with a gun. Immigrants who experienced violence shared the photos of the violence with the aid organization.


It turned out that the Greek soldiers, who were detained for about 20 hours, brought the immigrants to the shores of Datca, 70 kilometers away, and left them to their fate after they put them on their life rafts.

Lastly, two days ago, when Greek soldiers were seen to continue their illegal push back, it was announced that the rubber boat containing 29 immigrants near the island of Lesbos was abandoned to its fate in the Aegean Sea after Greek soldiers took its engine and gasoline, and the immigrants were rescued by Turkish soldiers. Immigrants shared their photos, videos and explanations with the Greek media and international migration assistance organizations, and shared their experiences.

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