Grasshopper Invasion in Turkey

The widespread disasters that have disturbed the world in recent years have not ceased. Swine flu, Bird flu, Covid, Monkey Pox virus, the locust invasion in the past years has started again.

In the Duzici district of Osmaniye, which has important agricultural lands in Turkey, a large number of grasshopper populations were seen in the cultivated agricultural areas. Farmers who want to get rid of the locusts invading agricultural lands told the situation to the District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.


District Agriculture and Forestry Director Fevzi Soner Cerci, together with agricultural engineers Yusuf Ziya Mart and Mehmet Acembekiroglu, examined the cultivated agricultural lands in Yenifarsak village. After the necessary investigations, pesticides were applied in the sections where locusts were concentrated with a special pesticide sent by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Stating that the spraying applied in 1 decare area will be effective on thousands of acres of land in the fight against locusts, Cerci noted that it is important to combat the grasshopper, which can cause an epidemic and is a harmful species.


Duzici District Director of Agriculture and Forestry Fevzi Soner Cerci stated that the fight against locusts is important for the farmers and said, “We are in Yenifarsak village. We have received the complaints of our farmers and our headman. We have never met. It is the first time we have encountered such intense grasshoppers. If we do not fight the grasshopper, it is a pest that can cause an epidemic. The grasshopper does not distinguish between plant species. There are two ways to fight the grasshopper. The first is the struggle for the young and the second is the struggle for the adult. “We will prevent pests in thousands of acres with the spraying we do on an area of ​​1 decare now,” he said.

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