Google Announces Postponement of ‘Find My Device’ Feature!

Google Announces Postponement of ‘Find My Device’ Feature!

Google announced that it will wait for Apple to implement the Find My Device feature and postpone the launch. Here are the details!

In recent months, we have learnt that Google and Apple will do a joint work. In a joint statement by the two major companies, Apple announced that they would work on an unwanted tracker alert feature to prevent misuse of Bluetooth location tracking devices such as AirTags and prevent people from being tracked by malicious people.

However, Google announced in a new statement that it will not activate Find My Device until Apple implements protections for iOS.

Google’s Erik Kay’s statement on the subject was as follows: “User safety and preventing unwanted location tracking is a top priority for Android. At this time, we have decided to stop rolling out Find My Device until Apple implements protections for iOS.”

Find My Device

What is this ‘Find My Device’ Network?

The Find My Device network is a feature that can find devices that are offline or have no location feature. It enables more than 1 billion Android devices in the world to periodically check nearby devices to locate lost devices.

Google gave information about this feature at the I/O 2023 keynote. He said that it is a feature that has emerged to help find lost phones, Bluetooth compatible accessories and other gadgets. It was even said that the similarity of this feature to Apple’s Find My network was due to its emergence for similar purposes.

Google’s plan was to launch the Find MyDevice network in the summer. However, it seems that the release date of this feature depends on Apple’s decision.

What do you think this decision of Google will cause? Do not forget to share your comments with us.

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