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First Artificial Intelligence Feature Coming to Google Assistant!

First Artificial Intelligence Feature Coming to Google Assistant!

Google is very close to adding the first artificial intelligence feature to GoogleAssistant. Here is the new feature to be added to Assistant!

Google is working on a potentially useful feature that will allow GoogleAssistant to summarize text on a web page with a simple voice command.

According to 9to5Google, the latest beta version of the GoogleApp (version 14.29) contains evidence that the voice assistant is preparing to receive its first efficient AI in the future. Assistant is already equipped with an accessibility feature that reads web pages aloud and supports translation in over 42 languages.

In the future, Assistant will be able to summarize long, hard-to-read articles when you use phrases like “Hey Google, summarize this.” Alternatively, there will be an option where you can perform this command with one tap.

Summarize Articles with Google Assistant

However, this feature of Asistant only seems to support web pages opened directly in Google Chrome or via a custom tab, again based on Chrome. 9to5 also states that the feature is not currently working and will only give an error message when prompted to summarize a page.

Google Assistant

While this feature is likely still being worked on, 9to5 speculates that it could be exclusive to Google’s Pixel phones when it goes public. This is not surprising given that many of the voice assistant’s useful features, such as “Search screen”, “Wait for me” and “Quick expressions” are limited to Google’s top Android phones.

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