Google is testing news writing with artificial intelligence!

Google is testing news writing with artificial intelligence!

Google is reportedly testing a new artificial intelligence technology called “Genesis” that can generate news content.

According to The New York Times, citing sources close to the subject, the artificial intelligence technology, developed to help journalists, was presented to executives at News Corp, which owns the leading US newspapers The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

The technology, which Google calls “Genesis”, is said to be able to prepare news texts from all kinds of data, including current events.

Google believes that this technology, designed to act as a “personal assistant” for journalists, will save journalists time for more important stories.

Google is testing


Some executives who attended the presentation called Genesis “troubling” and said it “ignores some fundamental considerations for writing accurate news.”

“Genesis is not intended to replace the fundamental role of journalists in writing and verifying news,” Google spokesperson Jenn Crider said in a statement.

Professor Jeff Jarvis of the City University of New York said Google’s new technology has potential positives and negatives: “If this technology can reliably deliver factual information, journalists should use it.”

Jarvis said that some news stories are not reliable for journalists and news organizations.

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