Good news! Trashed Cats Rescued

The kittens that were thrown in the trash and left to die in Tuzla, Istanbul were found by the municipality teams and taken under protection. Tuzla Mayor Sadi Yazici, who shared those moments of the cats, stated that they were trying to identify those who threw the cats, and said, “The puppies are entrusted to us.” While the news of violence against stray animals remained on the agenda, another sad news came from Tuzla. With the video released by Tuzla Mayor Sadi Yazici, it was learned that some kittens were thrown in the trash in the district.

Mayor of Tuzla, Istanbul Sadi Yazici

‘Cats Are Entrusted to Us’

“The video our teammates sent me this morning. I’m posting it as it is.” Yazici shared the following message on his Twitter account: “We want you to know that we will do our best to identify those who throw these kitties away. Health checks of the kittens are being made, I hope there will be no problems. Entrust it to us.”

Gül Demirci

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