Gizlikent Waterfall

Gizlikent Waterfall

Gizlikent Waterfall is located in Seydikemer district within the borders of Mugla province. It is located in Kayadibi District in Seydikemer District. As it has a natural beauty hidden in the green texture of nature in different shades, it almost resembles a secret city like its name. To discover this secret city, all you have to do is set your route and set out with your private vehicle or the vehicle you rent.

Gizlikent Waterfall, enchanting with its view, is a natural wonder worth this trip. There is no bus route to the waterfall. After you arrive at the waterfall area, just descend the long stairs for a short time to see the Gizlikent Waterfall. With the sound of flowing water and cool climate, it is a very impressive place for those who seek peace and pleasure, especially in the scorching heat of summer. Saklikent Canyon is also 500 meters behind of the Gizlikent Waterfall. It is possible to come to the region from Saklikent Canyon.

Gizlikent Waterfall is frequented by those who want to cool off from hot weather. Visitors to the waterfall generally prefer to cool off by going under the waterfall, which flows strongly from the height. These unique moments are conducive to happy times. They do not neglect to immortalize these moments with photo frames and share them on social media platforms. It is one of the ideal areas for those who like to take nature photos.


Gizlikent Waterfall is very close to Fethiye, which is one of the holiday paradises of our country in terms of transportation. The distance between Fethiye and Gizlikent is approximately 47 kilometers. It is possible to reach the waterfall area from Fethiye easily and in a short time. Those who intend to come to the region from elsewhere can come to Dalaman Airport by plane and depart for Gizlikent Waterfall from there. The distance between Dalaman Airport and Gizlikent Waterfall is 95 kilometers.

You can also reach there by going to Saklikent Canyon. To reach Saklikent, you can use Saklikent – Fethiye minibuses departing in front of the bus station. This transportation takes an average of 1 hour. You can also reach with your own vehicle or by renting a car.


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