Get Ready to Join Balloon Tour in Cappadoccia

Are your ready to join balloon tour in Cappadoccia ? Cappadocia is known as one of the best places worldwide to fly with hot air balloons. During the flight time, the wonderful landscapes are combined with the perfect flight experience. You will see the fairy chimneys, gardens and pigeon houses in the vineyards, with different rock formations, colors and features, you can a chance to glide over them. In Cappadocia, there are 3 different balloon tour options in general depending on the flight time and services.

Standard Balloon Tours

The standard balloon tour concept offers a minimum of one hour flight time on the air. You will be taken from your hotel early in the morning, often before sunrise, and you will go to tour flight departure zone. A guide is informed about the basic rules and safety precautions related to balloon flight. Now, you are in the most important valley in Turkey where you can take hundreds of photos on air.  After the flight, a small celebration is held with champagne and a flight certificate is issued.

Luxury (Long) Balloon Tours

By participating in luxury balloon tours in Cappadocia, you can experience up to 1.5 hours of flight in the air. For people interested in photography and aviation, luxury tour is a more suitable choice. In this tour, balloons have a capacity of 6 to 12 people and are more advantageous because they have longer flight time when compared to standard tours.

VIP Balloon Tours

On special occasions, such as anniversary, birthday celebrations or weddings, you and your loved one can join this tour  and have a memorable experience. VIP balloon tour provides you all the services such as private transfer from your hotel to the flight area, special drinks and refreshments during the flight. It also accompanies you to your hotel after the celebration with champagne and offers the opportunity to buy souvenirs along with a flight certificate.

General Information About Balloon Tours

Where is the departure made?

Departure area can change according to wind speed and direction every day. Thus, the most fascinating valleys and hills of Cappadocia can be witnessed.

What to wear during tours ?

Long sleeves, preferably long trousers made of natural fibers and upper and shoes designed for outdoor weather should be preferred. It should be worn in layers to ensure heat balance.

How high are you going?

While it is generally up to 500 meters from the ground, on days when the wind is calm, it can be higher than 1.000 meters.

Can children take part in a balloon tour?

While children over the age of seven can fly with their parents, the flight is not suitable for children under the age of seven.

When are balloon tours held?

Flights are provided throughout the year. However, due to the harsh weather conditions in the region, flights can be canceled between October and March.

Under what conditions, is the flight canceled?

When the wind blows hard, flights can be canceled due to weather conditions if there is heavy rain or fog. The fee given in case of cancellation is paid to the person exactly.

How far can you go in the air with the balloon tour?

Depending on the speed of the wind, it can be between 4 and 20 km long on the day of flight.

Can pregnant women take part in a balloon tour?

This situation is not allowed. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you should not fly with balloons due to possible hard landings.

Are there any problems in the landings?

While soft landings can be made on days when the weather is calm, if the wind speed increases during the landing, there may be a delay in the landings and the balloon can be dragged to the landing area. However, for such situations, landing is provided safely thanks to experienced flight pilots.

When is departure from the hotel for flight?

You will be picked up at your hotel about 45 minutes before sunrise, and taken to the office for check-in and breakfast.

Can I watch the sunrise from the balloon?

Usually, the sunrise takes off, and the flight is taken until the sun is full for photo shoots. Sometimes delays may occur due to weather conditions.

Why are the flights scheduled early?

The flights are made early in the daytime as the weather is not very hot during the day and the wind force is mild.

How to get back to the hotel?

The minibuses follow the balloon throughout the flight and transfer the participants to hotels after the landing party.

How big are the hot air balloon baskets?

Different sizes of hot air balloon baskets are used. It has 4 compartments for passengers. There is a maximum of 4 people in each compartment. The height of the baskets is 120 cm.

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