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Foreign Personnel to Work in Liaison Offices in Turkey

If you want to employ worker in liaison offices, ATA Kurumsal Consultancy can make applications. You can contact them by this contact page.

In the contact offices, for one person utmost who has authorization certificate; provided that official authorisation is received from Ministry of Economic Affairs, work permit is given by the Ministry itself within the limited operating period. The personnel is the one who provides for at least one of the requirements below of a company which is set in Turkey and who has a legal personality in the scope of direct foreign investment which was indicated above:

  • Working in the senior management or executive management position of the company,
  • Leading the whole of the company or one of company’s departments,
  • Supervising or controlling the company’s auditors’, administrative or technical personnel’s works,
  • Employing new personnels for the company or ending current personnels’ jobs and making employment offers,

personnel who takes on duty or who has authority for one of these areas indicated above; a personnel who is the partner of the company, CEO, corporate director, general manager, general manager assistant, company manager, company manager assistant or likewise,

B) A personnel who has basic informations about the company’s services, survey instruments, techniques or managements,

C) At least one personnel for whom an authorisation document was arranged by the main company abroad in the contact offices.

For example, if a company’s extension which is established in Turkey for the foreign personnels who will work in contact offices is accepted as Ata Instutional Company Incorporated Company Turkey Feb, insured employee criterias available for 5 Turkish employees will not be fulfilled for a substitute. Out of the normal criterias, 200.000 dollar cash inflow is a must to the company’s account. Work permit applications for foreigners who will work in the contact offices will be delivered to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Contact offices are established and functioning through the regulations which are based on the law number 4875 namely Direct Foreign Investment Law and the Direct Foreign Investment Law Applications Legislation which is based on the former. According to current law regulations, contact offices cannot perform commercial activities in Turkey; but within the aim of communication, hospitality, contact, research and information gathering, they are established by the settled foundations abroad. They cannot make a profit or make transfers, thus they have to supply their costs with the foreign currency they bring from outside. Contact offices are mainly practiced to make foreign investor’s functions in Turkey easier.

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The statement on the website of Ministry of Labor and Social Security’s can be found below.

Contact Offices:

The work permit which was taken from The Ministry of Economic Affairs for the foreigners who will be employed for contact offices will be scanned while the application is taking place and will be sent on-line.

Documents showing that at least 200 thousand USD dollar or currency equivalent to that is brought in the last year for contact offices (Documents such as authorization certificate for authorised officer and bank receipt related to the currency transfer, an inscription from the bank, a copy of the foreign exchange document, etc.)

Ata Kurumsal

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