Foods That Smell Good For Your Skin

We have prepared great suggestions for those who care about smell. You can have a wonderful skin smell with only the additions you make to your diet!

A Japanese company is working on edible fragrances, but edible perfumes are not yet on the market. We hope to have good news soon. Let’s see what we can do together until there are good developments regarding fragrance.

It is difficult to balance the skin odor combined with external factors with perfume. Until you find the right scent for the right skin. Every season, every period has a different skin scent. You can only find it by searching, but I will help you a little bit. First of all, you need to fix the smell of your skin.

Stay Away!

There are foods that make you smell good when you consume them, as well as foods that cause you to smell bad. These are usually foods that contain sulfur.

For example; foods such as cabbage, broccoli, garlic, onions. It makes people less attractive. Its effects can last for 72 hours. Red meat and delicatessen products are the ones that transmit body odor most effectively. Be careful not to consume, especially when you are not planning to go out. If you can stand it. Vegans are lucky in this regard.

There are also foods that emit a pleasant smell, which makes people attractive. We will devote more time to this part.


With its lively and fresh scents, it helps to get rid of bad odors from your body. Especially pineapple, apple, strawberry and orange are among these foods. 1 glass of apple juice a day causes a more pleasant smell in the body all day long.


Cardamom, which has a breath freshener effect, shows its effect quickly and releases a very fresh aroma smell. This will keep your mouth and breathing stable.

Jasmine Tea

Like all herbal teas, jasmine tea also helps to remove harmful substances from the body. The harmful substances that are thrown out help the body to secrete a more pleasant smell. If you prefer prada in this cure, you will be effective.

Fenugreek Seeds

When the fenugreek seeds, which are kept in a glass of water at night, are eaten in the morning, their good smell is felt throughout the day.


Rosemary removes bad odors from the body as well as solving skin problems. Skin problems also emit serious foul odor. If you have problems such as oily skin, I recommend this cure.


The beneficial bacteria in yogurt helps to get rid of toxins in the intestines. It also helps keep body odor pleasant. If you have eaten very heavy meals, make sure to finish with yogurt!

Water with Lemon

Lemon water is a great help in renewing and cleansing the body. Especially increasing the amount of water per day will reduce bad odors.

Thyme, Cinnamon, Mint

If you are a person who sweats a lot or if you are going to be in an environment that is suitable for sweating, these three spices will help you to emit good smells during the day.

If you want to impress everyone with your scent by purchasing perfume in addition to these cures, you can browse our perfume selection guide.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Perfume?

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